How To Setup An Outdoor Bar Table?

A bar in your garden or backyard can be a great addition to your outdoor space. It is transformational and creates a comfortable, discreet area where you can entertain your guests, family, and friends during holidays, parties, and other celebrations.

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The bar area will need furniture to complete it, and the bar table you have selected will be among them. 

Wood, wrought iron, cast aluminum, wood, wicker, and rattan are popular materials with most outdoor furniture. Your bar table can be made out of these materials or any other your personal preferences lead you. Now that you have a table you are sure can withstand the outdoor elements and serve the outdoor bar purpose without fail, the next step would be to set it up. Below are some helpful tips for creating a relaxing bar spot in your outdoor space. 

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Place the table according to shape 

Bar tables come in different shapes, including round, square and rectangular; some are even cut hexagonally. Let the shape of the bar table guide you to the perfect spot for your outdoor bar. Placing the table at any random spot can leave the bar looking awkward. It would be best if you placed it where it can be fully utilized without any space going to waste. Some sizes are best for compact outdoor spaces, whereas some are more suitable for large outdoor areas.

Ensure the table is easily accessible 

How you set up the table can determine how easy it is for people to sit and leave the table. Some setups will require some people to stand and walk out of the bar to allow others to access empty spaces or leave the table, which can be very inconvenient. You should make sure that you set up the table in such a way that everyone using it can easily walk out and back in without disturbing any other person. This means the space around your table or chairs should be convenient enough for all according to the positioning and design of the table.

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Do check the stability and sturdiness of the table 

Nothing can be worse than setting up a bar table that keeps shifting and moving. It can be a very messy affair, especially considering that bar tables hold drinks most of the time. A bar table that is not sturdy enough is also a danger to the users as it can fail to offer them support when holding on to it, leading to slips and falls. Some materials like wood and iron are very stable, but the ground-level consistency and the design can leave them wanting. Find ways through which you can make your table stable enough to withstand all the possible movements around it and on it. 

Still, on sturdiness, be sure the table is strong enough to hold all drinks and other items that could be placed on it. Some materials, like rattan, are lightweight and don’t do a very good job holding heavy loads. If this is the case with your bar table, consider enhancing it to serve the intended purpose effectively. 

Consider shade when setting up 

When hosting a party, most people love sitting at the outdoor bar table enjoying their drink. A sunny day is beautiful, but as it can get too hot to enjoy the outdoors, consider placing the bar table in a shaded or partially shaded area. Investing in an outdoor umbrella is also a good idea so you can set it up when the need arises. The weather is unpredictable, but that should be no reason to break a party; be ready to counter the effects. 

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Sometimes it would mean changing the bar table to a better location depending on the weather and time of day. Fortunately, even with heavy tables, you can invest in removable wheels that you place under their feet to move to a preferred spot easily. You can remove the wheels on reaching that area and continue enjoying your drinks. Moving your table can also be necessitated by time. For instance, when it gets dark, and the bar area is not well lighted or is not near a fire pit, you can simply move it to enjoy more comfort suiting that time. 

Match the seating with the table 

When choosing outdoor bar furniture, starting with the table, followed by the chairs or stools, is wiser. This is because the table’s height should guide you to the right height for the chairs around it. The essence is to ensure that people sitting at the bar will be most comfortable and easily reach their drinks and other items. When setting up, ensure that the seats you choose match the table perfectly, especially in height. You can also make the bar area more pleasant by matching the materials and design of the table and chairs. 

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There is so much to consider when setting up an outdoor bar area. The table and chairs for the area are the most practical and should be selected with comfort and usage in mind. With so many options available in the market, you will easily find bar furniture that is suitable for our outdoor space. Lighting, heating, and cooling are some of the other important factors to make sure that your guests remain comfortable throughout the party. Make sure you have a plan to counter any environmental elements to keep your outdoor bar enjoyable for as long as it lasts; some guests are never in a rush to leave, so your area should have all that is required to keep them entertained all through. 

The other items you cannot forget to have in your outdoor bar area include trash cans and bar carts. Apart from sitting at the table, some people prefer to gather and talk away from the table, and the bar carts will still make it easier for them to access their drinks. On the other hand, the trash cans will leave you with very little mess to clean up, so make sure you have several in the yard.


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