Bin Bin

Who said that waste baskets could not be trendy? Part of Essey products’ portofolio, Bin Bin is a creative interpretation of the waste paper basket with an appealing and original look designed by John Brauer, the founder of  Essey, a Denmark-based company. With already three international awards won, Bin Bin is a representative product which sets the benchmark for all future company’s products.


Resembling with what you throw on it, a crumpled paper, this cool waste paper basket have a well defined identity and states its function from the moment you see it. It’s design relies on Essey’s design philosophy – Symbolic Functionalism- a concept which use symbolism to promote a given function or the inner nature of an object. Each lovely waste paper basket is made using hard polyethylene and three different colors (red, black, white) to fit perfectly in any interior design and in any space you need it. Bin Bin has a capacity of 14 liters.





Photos: © Essey.

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