New Adorable Cradle from BABYBJÖRN

Cradle Harmony is a new product of the highest quality for babies developed by Swedish family company BABYBJÖRN. After 51 years of safe, innovative and stylish products for children, the company’s business concept has stood the test of time and today they bring worldwide modern parents the same high quality baby carries, baby sitters, travel cribs, potty chairs to make their life easier. We’ve spotted this adorable rocking cradle which became our favourite piece of furniture and we want to share this information with you, especially for those who are preparing to become parents. Is no accident that this cradle has amazing features which make it the ideal place to sleep for your little one especially in its early months when alternates short periods of sleep and wakefulness.


It has no more than 6 years product development behind to make sure it meets all standards. The final result impresses with unique and atractive design, comfortability and safety features. It displays a modern minimalist design, simple, white and very stylish, that fits very well in any modern decor. The transparent mesh fabric along with the cradle’s low height give you the possibility to supervise your baby while he’s sleeping. What we love most at the Cradle Harmony is that it’s compact and light, being easy to move it wherever you want in your home, even near your bed and so you’ll have no trouble keeping an eye on him or her both day and night.


The baby cradle feature robust feet grips that stands firmly on the floor and also protecting it, while creating gentle and soothing rocking movement that would help the baby to relax and finally fall asleep. Maybe this is the great accomplishment of those who developed this product which differentiates Cradle Harmony from others on the market: it isn’t dangerous at all for the baby because it doesn’t get stuck in any position. To create a cozier feeling in the cradle and complete the look, you can also use the attractive canopy accessory special made for it. Canopy’s light mesh fabric softens ambient light while ensures good air flow. Sleep tight!






Photos: © BABYBJÖRN.



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