Tokyo Sky Tree, The World’s Second Tallest Building

After four years of construction, the Sky Tree opened officially to the general public this month, on 22 May. Reaching its full height of 634 metres, Sky Tree became the tallest telecommunications tower and the tallest structure in Japan, not to mention that is currently the world’s second tallest bulding after Burj Khalifa from Dubai, which exceeds 820 meters. Expected to have 5 million visitors in the first year, the Sky Tree will surely play a major role in stimulating the surrounding Sumida area in terms of new business.


Tobu Railway in partnership with Japanese TV companies was those who developed the project with the aim to provide improved communications facilities. Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, the amazing bulding is now the new biggest city’s landmark which makes urban residents feel happy and proud of this achievement. As the world’s tallest broadcasting tower, Sky Tree is now replacing the 333m tall (1,092.5ft) Tokyo tower, a symbol of Japan’s capital since 1958, as the broadcast hub.


Its original design concept highlights neo-futuristic design combined with traditional Japanese beauty: unique combination of colors (white and a hint of the lightest shade of Japanese traditional indigo blue) which represents harmony with the surrounding nature, steel structure illuminated by environmentally-friendly lighting system with two lighting styles ( “Iki” and “Miyabi”) with outstanding effects that suggest the passage of time, connecting past and future. Really impressive!






For more information, visit the Tokyo Sky Tree official website.

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