How to Spruce Up Your Dining Room

Whether you’re planning a dinner party or just bored with your layout and furniture, sprucing up your dining room is easier than you think. A few simple changes can do wonders to the overall atmosphere of the dining room so your family will enjoy spending time there.

Before you start overhauling the room, remember that its primary function is for eating, and that should not be affected at any cost. And while minimal is always best, it doesn’t mean that design ideas are limited. Here are a few simple tips for a fabulous dining room.

Make Your Dining Room Table Shine


If your table is looking a little scruffy, or even if you think it’s time for a change, there are numerous styles of dining tables to choose from; visit sites like Made for more ideas.

From extending tables, to wooden tops and adjustable height tables, choose a piece that will set the tone for the room. Remember that the table should be the main feature in the room, so start there and build your design outwards.

Invest in a solid but attractive table that you’ll be happy to showcase for a few years.

Soft Lighting is Your Friend


Whether you want to have your family dinners surrounded by mood light or want to hide the imperfections in your freshly baked bread, soft lighting is your friend in the dining room.

Candles and chandeliers are the most obvious ways to create soft light during dinner. The size of the dining room and dining table will dictate whether or not you get a chandelier. For instance, a grand chandelier will not be appropriate if the dining room and the table are small. Instead, you can resort to a small pendant light or a 5-light pendant depending on the size of the table.

Apart from soft lights, you should outfit the dining room with task lighting and accent lighting on the walls. All fixtures and finishes must complement the overall theme of the room.

Add a Splash of Color


You can add a pop of color just as effectively as style gurus. A bright but complementary color might be just what you need to rejuvenate and update this very social room.

A metallic blue or bright green adds a burst of color and interest to an otherwise pale room. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to include color without overpowering the room. Choose one item to carry the color in the room: Paint the chairs, add a bright rug, paint one wall, or add vibrant curtains.

Another option is the add cushions to the dining room chairs and use the bright colors in a pattern or neutral form.

Paint or wallpaper, new furniture, area rugs, and clever decorations are your ally when it comes to adding pizzazz to your dining room.

Use decorations in moderation and change them according to the season. Remember to keep it minimalistic on the dining table. Remember that an attractive dining room starts with a great dining room table- get that right and everything else should fall into place.

Amy Grimshaw is an interior designer. She loves writing about decor on home design blogs.


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