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How to Transform Your Bathroom

If you have begun to notice chipped paint and cracked tiles in your bathroom, it could be time to give it a makeover.

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Whether you’re sprucing it up for yourself or intending to sell your property, it’s important to make sure the bathroom looks stylish and has the best quality showerheads and other desirable features. Below are a few simple tips to help you transform your bathroom from a dreary washroom to a beautiful home spa.

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Fresh Colours

Firstly, pick a new color scheme to give the room an entirely new feel. Traditionally, people often choose blues, whites, and light grey tones to style their bathroom in, and while these will still work well, they can be a bit predictable and boring. Why not explore some alternative color options to make your bathroom look more unique and interesting? Perhaps a soft pink or green could be right for your new bathroom? Or a dramatic look with dark or bolder colors? 

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Quality Tiles

Buying quality tiles doesn’t mean you have to break the bank; just make sure that they are durable enough to withstand the daily traffic that goes through your bathroom. Rather than choosing boring white tiles, think about finding ones that are either patterned or in a color that will complement your new scheme. Take the time to shop around and even ask friends or relatives who have recently done renovations if they can make any recommendations to you.

A Brand-new Suite

If you’re bothering to repaint the bathroom you might as well purchase an entirely new bathroom suite to match, especially if you have the budget for it. This will help to push your bathroom makeover to the next level and will dramatically change its looks. Have you always dreamed of soaking in a vintage style tub? Or is it a big walk-in shower that you’re yearning for? To find the right style of the suite, get help from specialists like this Perth bathroom renovations company who can help you design and develop your dream bathroom.

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Add Some Plants

Studies have shown how plants can boost your mood. Another great benefit is that plants can do a lot to bring a room together. Whether it’s a vase of flowers on the coffee table or a pretty peace lily in the corner of your living room, they help to brighten the place up and make it feel more Zen-like. They also look amazing in bathrooms as well! For a bit of an exotic feel, place some Kentia palms near the bathtub or in the corner. If you have shelves or can put up hanging baskets, devil’s ivy would look beautiful and dramatic cascading down from a height.

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Hang Artwork

Framed artwork doesn’t just belong in the other rooms of your home. While a decorative mirror will always work well in your bathroom, carefully selected prints or photography could also help add another layer of sophistication to it. If you want your bathroom to feel more luxurious, consider putting up a large, dramatic piece, or choose a selection of smaller prints that work well together or are part of a set to make the walls feel less bare.

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Get a Heated Towel Rail

If you’re currently having to throw damp towels over a banister to dry or if you leave them on your radiator, look at getting a heated towel rail (aka towel radiator) in your bathroom instead. Once installed, make sure you consider the size so that it’s big enough to accommodate everyone’s towel. Not only will it keep the rest of your home feeling less messy, but it will also keep your towels dry and warm, ready for when you need to use them next.

LED Lighting

Another thing you need to make sure you get right in your new bathroom is the lighting. It’s important to be able to see properly when you’re washing your face, applying make-up, styling your hair, or whatever other grooming rituals you do in the bathroom. Having bright lights around or above your mirror is also essential, and LED lights could be the best option. Having them throughout your bathroom as the main overheads is also a good idea, as they give plenty of light and provide more energy-efficiency than other kinds of bulbs available. 

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If you’re getting tired of your bathroom and feel the need for a change, use the tips above to help you give it a brand-new look that you’ll love. Who knows? Perhaps it will even help to add value to your home.


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