How to Transform Your Outdoor Space Without Breaking A Bank

Do you want to give your outdoor space a makeover?

If you’re like me, you worry that this will cost you a lot. Renovating your backyard could probably empty your savings account. You don’t earn as much as Victoria Beckham so having an immaculate backyard is totally impossible.

But guess what? You are mistaken. You don’t need to rob a bank to be able to afford an outdoor space makeover. After all, upgrading your outdoor space on a budget is indeed possible.

Here are some of the tips that you can apply to have a fantastic backyard on a budget.

DIY As Much As Possible

Outdoor projects can get quite expensive. If you’re looking on hiring someone, the price that they will quote may be jaw-dropping. It’s fine if you have the resources to pay someone; however DIY projects can save you tons of money.

Upgrading your backyard won’t require you a degree in design. Thanks to technology, you have plenty of sources to get your Do-It-Yourself ideas. You can also utilize video tutorials or online articles to get instructions.

You will not only save money if you do the projects by yourself. Who knows, you might discover your talent in landscaping and make a living out of it.

Add Inexpensive Lighting

If you want to instantly transform your backyard, adding illuminating fixtures will do the trick. You won’t even need to hire an electrician or have expensive rewiring. Adding layers of light transforms your backyard into a welcoming and romantic space.

One of the easiest yet most attractive lighting pieces that you can add to your outdoor space is decorative lanterns. You have plenty of options on how to decorate your lanterns. You can either cluster them or group them together.

If you want some gorgeous glow, try adding café lights on your outdoor living space. They look perfect if you hang them on trees or other tall objects. These lights are affordable and easy to decorate.

Plant More Flowers And Greenery

Flowers and plants have magic ways of boosting up your mood.

Create a beautiful garden in your backyard and you would instantly feel delighted. Plant beautiful flowers with vibrant colors and add majestic greenery. You won’t have to worry if you don’t have a green thumb. There are plenty of flowers and greenery that are easy to plant and maintain.

Taming the bushes and replacing them with beautiful garden does not only solve your problem on how to get rid of snakes. Gardening is also a good form of exercise – mentally and physically.

Add A Deck Or Patio

We are all social animals. Most of us enjoy having an intimate dinner with friends. A cold beer and a nice barbeque sound like a perfect weekend.

Be a generous host and invite some friends over. Worried that you don’t have enough space? Adding a deck or a patio is the solution to your problem.

Below are some of the tips that you can use if you’re planning to make your own deck:

  • Invest in high-quality screws and fasteners. Use coated screws or stainless-steel screws since they are made specifically for pressure-treated wood. They will extend the life of your deck because of their resistance to corrosion.
  • Research your choices for decking materials. Traditional choices are redwood or pressure-treated cedar. Hardwoods are also becoming a popular choice because of its longevity.
  • Use beautiful railings to surround your deck. You can use metal, glass, composite or vinyl to make your deck stand out.
  • Add small touches. Transform your deck into a desirable destination by adding small touches such as planters, lighting or a sound system.

Create A Relaxing Space

Stress can certainly take a toll on our health.

Isn’t it nice to have a personal space in your house where you can de-stress? Your backyard is a perfect space where you can find your sanctuary. Make it into a relaxing space where you can just lay down and listen to the chirping of the birds. Nothing sounds ideal than sitting down and reading a good book.

You don’t really need to turn your entire backyard into a relaxing space. You just need a small section to find your solitude. Add some comfy chairs, benches or hammock. Marvel the quiet and lazy afternoon while having a glass of cold lemonade.

Add A Fire Pit

Who says you can only have some bonfire when you are camping? Enjoy the warmth that fire pit brings in the comfort of your own backyard.

What’s even better is that you can DIY the fire pit. Building one is not complicated at all. There are a lot of instructional videos and articles that you can refer to. Make sure that you have your supplies ready – bricks for the fire pit wall, twine or string, gravel, stake, tape measure, trowel, large shovel, level and a tamp.

Spend your Saturday nights cuddling up in the fire and making s’mores.

Create more wonderful memories in your backyard. With a little creativity and lots of determination, you can surely transform your outdoor space into one of the most hang-out places in your house.


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