How To Use Hat Boxes As An Item Decor?

Anything that has a base is used for a collectible or floral centerpiece. Create branded box design templates by combining hat boxes with softer materials. Use a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics for your hatboxes.

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There are cardboard or fabric hatboxes, but if you prefer vintage hatboxes, go for mixed patterns and well-designed forms to support. To preserve antique hatboxes, make center pieces from safe items: tie items around them and hang tassels from strings.

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Centerpieces in hat boxes

Make round flower arrangements based on a hatbox. Place the plastic liners and moss-covered styrofoam inside the hatbox, then insert hydrangeas, peonies, and large roses into the styrofoam. Create multiple themed centerpieces using a hatbox as a pedestal, for example for centerpieces topped with tea cups. Place several inverted hatboxes in the center of the table. Place cups and saucers on top of lace napkins. In another room, decorate the country style hat boxes with bandanas and cowboy hats. Use a bright red, blue or striped box to create a holiday look. Use the hatbox handle as the finishing touch for any look: Place it on the front of the box like a choker, or drape it over.

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Hat boxes and accessories

Three hat boxes paired with accessories can be a decoration for a wardrobe or chest of drawers. Collect a trio of hatboxes of different sizes and place some stylish and several sets of gloves on top of them. For a finishing touch, buckle the leather strap around the center box. Hat boxes are central compositions in the spirit of the school. Use shiny cardboard hat boxes filled with clothing like baseball caps. Place the caps with the visor down so that their logos are visible over the edge of the box. Spice up another box of team pennants and rolled rally towels. Substitute any of these items with underwear, jewelry and scarves or summer accessories if you like. For example, drape oblong and octagonal boxes with necklaces and wrap silk scarves around their bases.

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Fill the hatbox, pick the lid

Use the logo cover as part of the center piece, leaning against the base. Place several covers along the side of the fireplace. Place compositions in front of them. Line the boxes with parchment tub, fill them with toilet paper for a bathroom centerpiece or crockery and cups for a dessert-filled sideboard; flatter items such as napkins, tea bags and sugar bags can be linked on their lids. Festive-themed hat boxes can be used to store packaged treats, and their lids can hold little four cakes. Attach strings of paper pom-poms or balloons to the middle of the boxes. Turn the two hatbox lids upside down and place the center compositions on them.

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Romantic tiered hat boxes

Hatboxes also work as tiered towers when you form tiers from small and large boxes. Place the striped hatbox in the large polka dot box. Insert a piece of tissue paper into the top of each hatbox, then hang some Victorian jewelry on hooks around the edges. For a more modern look, place a glass dish between tiers of solid colored hatboxes, and leave the top box open to fill it with embroidered handkerchiefs. Connect the floral hat boxes to the pastel-colored boxes and tie each tier with ribbon. Stack the French-themed boxes with pink lids near the Eiffel Tower statue.


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