How To Use Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-Inch? 

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-Inch is a charcoal smoker that has garnered accolades from users far and wide and is well-deserved.

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Even if you’re a novice smoker aficionado, this smoker eliminates all of the flaws in most other bullet liquid smokers & comes out of the container ready to perform like a champ.

Significant adjustments are frequently necessary for smokers in this category to perform as they should. The charcoal pan may need to have holes drilled in it, a temperature reading may need to be installed, or even the legs and other components may need to be moved from their current positions. Check out BBQ Outfitters to get the best Weber Smokey Mountain 22-Inch.

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Steps To Use Weber Smokey Mountain 22-Inch 

  1. Fill the charcoal container with lump coal, then ignite the charcoal by setting a piece of flame thrower down in its middle.
  1. Lay the center portion on top of the coal bowl or bottom piece after letting the fire blaze for about five to seven minutes. I usually pile some coal on top of and around it to help the flames ignite more quickly.
  1. Before placing the food on the grate, place a log of wood, or 4-6 fist-sized wood lumps, on top of the coal in the center. It would help if you filled the water pan with around 2 liters of cold water.
  1. Cover the smoker with its cover. Close the access panel and set the bottom valves to 50% open when the temperature gauge reads about 200 degrees.
  1. Once the temperature rises to 225, shut the vents to roughly 1/4 open and make additional adjustments to keep the desired temperature. For nearly all smokers, I often advise maintaining it among 225 and 240. After a while, the smoker will stabilize, and the temperatures will settle down.
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  1. After some time has passed, the temperature may drop, so ash is probably starting to build up on the coals. Giving one of the legs a good, forceful kick usually makes the ash fall to the ground, enabling the temperature to climb again to around 225 degrees before stabilizing.

Keeping a careful eye on the water level and adding more as needed will keep the water pan full. Every four to six hours, I usually need to add water.

Adding Water While Cooking

While the food is still cooking, take the opening door off the pan and add water through the bottom frying grate.

Be careful to reinstall the access door, and lock the doorknob properly. The cooker temperature rising to 350°F while the access door is missing is the worst possible scenario!

You can line the water pan with aluminum foil to make cleanup simple.

An excellent tip is to line your water pan with aluminum foil. This will expedite and make cleanup more accessible, especially after cooking when the empty water pan is.

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As usual, could you place it in the smoker after covering your pan? Once everything has been cooked and refrigerated, you may crumple it up and dispose of it without additional processing.

If you cover it, you risk trapping moisture between the foil and the pan. It won’t be possible to clean the water tray, which will become stained.


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