Iceberg-Inspired Dwellings Overlooking The Waterfront of Aarhus, Denmark

Scheduled for completion in 2013, these unique architectural buildings inspired by floating icebergs will have a considerable contribution to the development of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, transforming the old façade of it into a living city with many cultural and social activities, large amount of workplaces and various array of housing types.

Amsterdam based architecture and urban design bureau SeARCH in collaboration with JDS, Louis Paillard and CEBRA envisioned this ambitious project, very suggestive entitled “Iceberg”, which is located on a splendid site on the waterfront of Aarhus and encompasses four L-shaped wings spread over 21,500 m2 that houses a series of different apartment types range greatly in size. This residential dwellings rang high in originality, its strengh consisting both in appearance and functionality: amazing “peaks” and “canyons” forms featuring balconies with glass that changes its color from deep blue to transparent to suit the color of the iceberg. The building’s orientation ensures plenty of natural lighting for those over 200 apartments and stunning water and city views.







Photos © Mikkel Frost


Project details:

Client: Pension Denmark, Braband Boligforening
Collaborators: CEBRA, JDS, Louis Paillard
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Project: Residential; Urban planning, housing
Year: 2008-present
Budget: 32.600.000 EUR
Size: 21.600 m2
Status: Ongoing


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