Best Idea for a Modern Fireplace to Decorating You’re Home

Hi, everyone!  This time I want to show you some ideas for decorating you’re home by using a fireplace. I’ve seen that in the last period that modern fireplaces are seen in the industry one of best ideas for decorating a flat or a house. Fireplaces are becoming a very ultra-modern design piece and a very convenient with lots of facilities for us. 

I think everyone loves to drink a glass of wine with his/her mate at the irresistible light of a fireplaces, or to tell stories to children who are waiting for Santa Clause or why not just for relax and read your favorite book. So this fireplace I’m presenting you is a modern one, as you can see from this picture designed by Radius Design, from its Home Flame Collection. The best characteristic of this fireplace is the patented combustion chamber made of double-skin stainless steel, with a special ceramic sponge in the middle. This ensures even combustion down to the very last drop of bio-ethanol and creates a large and beautifully even set of flames. In my opinion this is a very modern and elegant fireplace that can be very easy installed in a flat or a home, and if you are thinking of an idea for how to decorate you’re home well, think of this fireplace.

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