IKEA PS Collection 2012: Great Designs with Sustainable Materials

As time changes, IKEA design collections evolve. IKEA brand is permanently reinventing itself and manage to pleasantly surprise us each year with new design product lines. We have to recognize that every time we think to design products showcasing Scandinavian design, the first name we came to mind is IKEA, the great Swedish manufacturer. This time the new IKEA PS Collection 2012 is in the public eye remaining faithful to great designs and smart solutions for the home but with an emphasis on sustainability and durability. The Swedish brand is always trendy and nowadays is aiming to think new ways to help people to live a more sustainable life at home and what most appropriate way to do this if not by home accessories and furniture.


Presented in April at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan Furniture Fair) in Italy, this collection is the seven of  its kind consisting on cutting-edge Scandinavian design which doesn’t forget to keep the characteristics that makes IKEA unique: affordability and quality design. Devoted to making a better life for everybody through their design products, 19 talented designers take design one step further and thought a brand new collection featuring 46 products. There’s something for everyone in this 2012 collection: stackable chairs, tables, lamps, bowls, textiles, pictures and more, all made of sustainable and recyclable materials which are very important because lift up the designs and reduce environmental impact.

Elegant, light and strong pieces of furniture from bamboo which has a hardwood look while preserving the environment. They also combined wood and plastic and the composite of them result in furniture with versatility of plastics and the low environmental impact of wood. Another material used was flax -a bast fiber-which is a good heat conductor and antistatic material which means comfortable,nice and cool, perfect for a good night sleep. The color palette is dominated by bright primary colors combinated with black and white.


Taking inspiration from the 60-plus years of IKEA design history and from people’s life at home, the old products are reflected in the new ones’ designs. Our favourites ones include stackable chairs designed by Wiebke Braash who take inspiration from IKEA chair from the late 50’s. It is simple and cleaner, working in both outdoors and indoors; the sofa featuring appealing design and pocket springs which make it very comfortable and their new flat LED light, a practical, simple and attractive choice that may get into small spaces where you need big light and it also lasts for almost a lifetime.

The IKEA PS Collection 2012 is available after August 2012 in US stores and after 2nd May in Norway. Enjoy some pictures below and tell us what your faves are.







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