Important Considerations Prior to Buying Blinds and Shutters

Are you planning on buying new sets of shutters and blinds? If this is the case, then there are a lot of things you need to know prior to purchasing them. To help you out, Alana Southwell, an All Weather Blinds content curator and expert in simple home renovation is giving you some tips to make the right buying decision


A good buyer knows exactly what to ask, so they can end up getting the best value for their money. To have the complete set of essential information, you have to ask the right questions. The following list is a useful guide to both new and old homeowners alike.

Is the company reliable?

There are a lot of companies who have become trustworthy because they have been in the business for quite a long time. However, it doesn’t always follow that old companies are reliable. There are also new and rising companies who do their best to provide superior products, those that could surpass products from other companies. It always pays to do some background research to determine this. Or better yet, you can ask the company about what really set their products apart from the others.Buying-Blinds-Shutters-1

Are the products durable?

When it comes to buying something, everyone pretty much knows that quality is always the main concern. Renovation materials such as your blinds and shutters have to be made from quality products, so that it would last longer. You can also ask the company or manufacturer on whether their products are capable of lasting longer despite the damage that can possibly be brought about by the UV rays from the sun, and other anticipated weather changes.Buying-Blinds-Shutters-2

What are the warranty terms and conditions?

Aside from knowing about the quality of the shutters and blinds, it’s important to ask the company or manufacturer about the warranty. Although most companies do their best to produce good items, there may also be rare occasions in which unexpected manufacturing errors occur. The warranty can be your protection; it signifies that the manufacturer trusts for the item to last, and that they’d be responsible for any manufacturing defects in case it is present.

How is your compliance with the mandatory safety regulations?

The law has released safety regulations regarding blinds and shutters because there have been cases in which babies were strangled by the blinds or curtain cords. Always make it a point to ask whether they completely comply with the issued safety regulations.


What are the colors and product types available?

It’s always preferable for buyers to have number of options when it comes to buying blinds and shutters. When you have many options for color and types, you have the freedom to choose whichever would suit your home design best. More choices means more stylish home decorating options.

Are the prices reasonable?

Cheap items aren’t always low in quality; it also follows that expensive items aren’t always well-made. For example, when you ask about the price of the window blinds, do ask why they are offered at a higher price compared with the others. This will help you determine whether the product is offered at a reasonable price.


Are any services included with the purchase?

There are other companies that offer bundled services for one price; this means that the blinds and shutters and installation process are offered at a specific price. If you find that you’re quite comfortable with this, then you can go for the bundle. If not, you can purchase the items separately and install them, or hire someone else to install them.

How’s your client feedback?

More satisfied customers mean that the company can most likely provide you with satisfactory products and services as well. When talking to the company, you can ask them to show you some of their previous client feedback. They wouldn’t be hesitant if they’ve had many satisfied clients before.


Can you show me actual images of your previously installed products?

For the sake of viewing actual finished work, you may also ask the company of this. The pictures will give you a better view of how their products look after installation.


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