Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Office in 5 Steps

People who enjoy good circulation and improved indoor air quality tend to be more productive in carrying out their tasks and performing the requirements of their jobs.

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It is your duty as a business owner to keep the workplace conducive. Therefore, you must keep it well protected against air pollutants. It is one way to keep the employees happy and always at their best.

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But how do you know if you need help from professional air cleaners that specialise in improving indoor air quality through key heating and cooling solutions? Well, there is no season or reason for system maintenance. You need this for the upkeep of your units, making sure they are working efficiently to keep your workplace comfortable and safe. In addition, you may check if the tell-tale signs of poor indoor air quality are present in the workplace. If the sick leave notices keep sprouting at your desk and your staff constantly complain or show symptoms of respiratory trouble, you should be concerned. It is time to call the professional air cleaners like those from Sub Cool Fm.

If you suspect that your office has indoor air problems, try the following tips on how to improve it.

  1. Keep the office clean. Nothing beats a clean office. It is the best way to clear off any particles or pollutants that may permeate your space. Order regular dusting, vacuuming, and sanitising for all the rooms, including creases and corners to keep everything free from any kind of build-up. Cleanliness is the bedrock of a healthy workplace.
  2. Maintain a healthy humidity level. Dust mites, moulds, and a few other allergens usually form in a humidity level higher than 50%. So it is essential to maintain it within the acceptable value of 30-50%. That will help control contaminants and keep your indoor air liveable.
  3. Bring in some indoor plants. Bringing in the outdoors is fast becoming an interior design trend for a reason. Plants do not only keep the indoors refreshing but also help clean the atmosphere. Several types can thrive with minimum sunlight and are known to absorb toxins and release oxygen to the air, providing a healthy ambience that makes breathing easier. The Devil’s Ivy, Spider Plant, Rubber Plant, Peace, Lily, and Dwarf Date Palm are just some of your amazing choices to make a significant difference in your office aesthetics and indoor air quality.
  4. Invest in good quality air purifiers and dehumidifiers. Modern technology designed air-cleaning devices to help maintain good indoor air quality. Take advantage of their purpose and you will never go wrong.
  5. Change air filters and clean air ducts regularly. As we mentioned earlier, periodical maintenance for your HVAC system turns in several benefits, including improved indoor air quality. That’s because it usually involves the crucial tasks of changing dirty air filters and cleaning blockages in vents and ducts.
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The best way to keep your employees safe from symptoms of air pollution is to acknowledge the crucial role of your indoor air quality in their comfort. Work around the trouble with effective solutions to manage health and safety in the workplace.


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