Innovative Mirthe Collection of Outdoor Furniture by Tribu

The best outdoor furniture collection for the summer is without doubts the Mirthe collection dining and sofa designed by Tribu. In this collection, the designer Fabiaan Van Severen creates elegant and simple furniture pieces, with clean and simple lines so that can be fitted perfectly in your wonderful landscape. He purposely chooses for its furniture items materials entirely recyclable, which are the best for outdoors use, like powder-coated aluminum robust and lightweight.


The dining table has a soft, smooth and light design, impression that is given by the top curved edges and the legs of the table, which which is fitted at 90 degrees into the table creating a unique and splendid design.

The sofa set is stunning. The sofa has a cozy and fashionable design and is extremely comfortable. Maybe you’re wondering what is innovative at Mirthe Sofa. Well, its design has a distinct and modern water-resistant material where the cushions is extraordinarily well done and kept in a white-varnished aluminum shells and the water can not penetrate into it. It’s essential to mention that the cushions are made by nautical water safe material which comes with different color tones so that you can choose what you want in order to create your own design, but also it comes with white nautical Skai® leather. This sofa has all the comfort exactly as an indoor sofa; it actually has an extra thick UV and also has an open cell structure, allowing air to circulate freely inside and outside the cushions. This sofa is perfect for lying down in the garden and relaxing while enjoying the view, read a book, or drink tea with your family and friends.

The outdoor dining has more options that included an armchair, a side chair or a bench, that can be placed in small places like a balcony or other part of the outdoor space, so that you can combine all the furniture pieces in order to create a lovely design and a splendid outside for your home.




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