Innovative Mobile Workplace by Abstracta

Mobile workplace is one of the innovative solutions that takes forward the concept of working environment, which is rapidly changing, replacing the traditional workplaces. Modern workplaces nowadays focus more and more on interactivity between employees, increasing productivity and lower costs, so environments should be open and flexible, balancing the need of working individually in a quiet place  with the need of interaction. Designed in this manner, they’re becoming increasingly productive having also other significant benefits including knowledge, teamwork, creativity and coordination. Taking into consideration the emerging technologies and the fact that things evolves rapidly, designing office spaces will be more challenging for architects and designers.

Outstanding office furniture settings are one of the most important things in an workspace and can definitely make the difference between a mediore and great office. Mobile workstations from Swedish brand Abstracta are designed to make life easier in working environments that require a high degree of flexibility and mobility.

Abstracta brand’s mobile workstations charactestics:

  • Modern and appealing design
  • Customizable and easy to assemble allowing to reconfigure the workspace on demand
  • Sound-absorbing partition on locking wheels, so it can be easily moved by one person
  • Joined by complementary products
  • Ideal for open office landscapes, for public spaces such as hottel lobbies, reception areas, hospitals, business centers, conference areas, etc.

Mobi Mobile Workplace

designer: Andrea Ruggiero






Isla Modular Workstation

designer: Andrea Ruggiero


Wall in one Wall-Hung Workstation

designer: Christian Nørgaard & Martin Kechayas




Photos: © Abstracta.


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