Inspirational Kitchen Trends for 2020

The weather is now glorious and the sun is beaming from a cloudless sky; summer has well and truly arrived, and it’s the perfect time to carry out renovations. Among the most exciting parts of the home to refurbish is the kitchen. It’ll not only make the space more pleasant to be in, but it’ll also confer practical implications for the way that you prepare and consume food. If you’re planning to get a new kitchen installed, then it’s worth taking stock of the trends that will mark the year!

Double Islands

An island is a great way to generate extra storage space, as well as providing extra surfaces on which to lay fruit bowls, chopping boards, and shopping bags. But why have just one island when you can have two? Chopping an island in half can generate extra storage space, especially in big kitchens, and it can provide a channel through which you’ll be able to walk.

Open Shelving

If you’ve been paying attention to the background in your favourite cookery programmes and YouTube Channels, you might have noticed a trend toward open shelves rather than cabinets. This approach allows you to flaunt those items of gorgeous copper cookware – but it also makes those key items more accessible than ever. Of course, a decent spice rack should be on display for all to see!

Gold Accessories

You might think of chrome and stainless steel as the safe options when it comes to taps. But there’s something to be said about going for gold. It’ll match nicely with a granite or marble worktop, and it can lend a touch of glitz in kitchens where glitz is called for.

Natural Wood

Earth tones are big in 2020, and among the main beneficiaries are natural timber worktops, with naturally dark shades like walnut being amongst the more obvious winners.

Veined Marble

One of the distinctive charms of a marble countertop is the natural veins you’ll get running across the surface. Why not amp up the contrast, and go for darker veins against a pale backdrop? The effect is reliably arresting, and will provide a distinctive talking point.


You might think of blacks as being more of an ‘accent’ colour – great in small doses, but not for an entire room. Well, that assumption might not be quire as reliable as you thought. Pair black walls and cabinets with rustic timbers and the effect can be quite charming.

Coloured Appliances

Adding a splash of bold colour to an otherwise muted kitchen can help to create that all-important sense of contrast, and to draw the eye to what’s important in the room. A bright yellow stovetop oven will stand out against pale white cabinets, as might an orange fridge.


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