Instagram Accounts For Interior Design Inspiration

Instagram is popular not just for business marketing, but also a platform to get inspired from.

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From food to fashion and holidaying to interior and beyond, Instagram offers amazing ideas. Today, it has become a popular place to get access to a plethora of fresh and creative interior ideas. Whether you love bohemian, minimalist, vintage, modern or any other style, you are sure to get ideas exceeding your expectations. If you are on Instagram to promote your business, you can go for Instagram growth service to increase your followers.

In the vast sea of Instagram accounts for interior design, you might get confused between innumerable accounts. So, to make it simpler for you, here is a list of some of the best Instagram accounts that you will love to follow for interior design inspiration and ideas.

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Amber Lewis- @amberinteriors

Amber Lewis Instagram account sets the mood. Her designs have the essence of calm and compose California aesthetics. White walls and contemporary furniture constitute Amber Lewis’ master style. She also has a liking for adding broad-ranging elements to every design of hers. This creates a sense of excitement in the designs she creates. Amber’s designs unquestionably make a place among the best inspirational designs.

Joanna Lavén-@joannalaven

Joanna Lavén’s designs create a sense of the bold and modernistic outlook. With 138K followers, her Insta account exudes her creative excellence. All her designs are worthy to be showcased in a high-class art gallery. Joanna Lavén, a prop stylist, makes her foundation on clean and airy pallets. She creates this foundation on geometric shapes and rich textures, where each of the furniture pieces she includes is a statement in its own right. While inspiring everybody with her awesome designs, she keeps creating new inspiring creations.

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Emily Henderson @em_henderson

Classy and playful is the perfect way to describe Emily Henderson’s Insta account. Her designs are infused with an immaculate sense of creativity. Emily brings together the best designs inspired from classic to contemporary. It is another inspirational design on Instagram and has inspired many. The designs created by Emily use bright and vibrant colors, are a perfect blend of statement furniture and feature few unexpected elements. All these together combine to give the designs a cheerful and lively look. Her designs are a contrast of the accessories with the perfect environment. Emily’s design can transform the most boring spaces to chic and lively.

Kelly Wearstler-@kellywearstler

Kelly Wearstler is popular for her glam style approach. She blends tons of texture and rich hues to create a tale of rich, lavish, and extravagant spaces that has the aura of simplified elegance. Her furniture collection and other decor items create an inspirational and extravagant look. 

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Erin Gates @ elementstyle

The Elements of Style blog has a huge fan following among interior designers. With 100k followers, her Insta account has an impeccable collection of home designs that would inspire everyone. The creator of this amazing, jaw-dropping blog is Erin Gates, who is an acclaimed interior designer of great renown. Her ability to transform homes is amazing. Most importantly, she creates some of the most beautiful and astounding content that it is impossible not to adore her works. She creates warm and welcoming interiors that are modern, spacious, and remarkable. There is no doubt why this blog has so many admirers.

To conclude

Instagram has become a trusted and steadfast app on social media platforms where people look for inspiration. Next time when you plan to renovate or redecorate your space, you can go through the above-mentioned Insta accounts and use some unique and fresh ideas.


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