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Instagram Post Ideas that Fit Any Niche

One of the rules you have to follow on Instagram is to always post content that is relevant to your niche. This way, you can attract your target audience and grow a dedicated community. In fact, if you buy Instagram likes for multiple pictures, you will easily start growing your following count. However, sometimes you run out of post ideas. In these cases, you simply need to create a general post that can fit any given niche.

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There is a great deal of general posts that you can create and adapt to the needs of your audience. No matter what you choose to post though, if you buy Instagram views for videos and images, you will keep your followers satisfied.

In this article, we have gathered the most interesting and popular post ideas that you can create no matter your niche. So, the next time you don’t know what to post, choose one of the ideas below.

#1 Post a Selfie

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Every user loves to see a selfie once in a while. If you are in a niche that you don’t usually show yourself, your followers are going to love this change. It is very interesting if you consider that selfies tend to get more likes than other types of posts. Of course, make sure that your selfie is still somehow relevant to your niche and that it is visually interesting. For example, you can shoot a mirror selfie or one holding your favorite books or mug. No matter the case, it is the perfect instance to buy Instagram likes for multiple pictures.

#2 Share a Meaningful Quote

Quotes are among the most popular type of content on social media and for good reasons. They provide optimistic and meaningful words to the users who can connect with them. The more successful the quote, the more engagement you will notice. One great thing about quotes is that they tend to get easily share and for this reason, they can reach a wide audience. The sure way to boost this type of post is to buy Instagram likes for multiple pictures.

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#3 Give Sneak Peeks of your Life

Apart from selfies, once in a while, you can update your followers about your everyday life. For example, you can share images and videos from important days, like your birthday. Moreover, you can post small vlogs, where you talk about something good that happened to you. The aim of these posts is to show what your routine looks like and to fill your followers’ feeds with positivity. In any case, if you buy Instagram views for videos, you can bring your vlogs to a lot of users.

#4 Repost User-Generated Content

Reposting user-generating content is a very popular practice among influencers. Ask your followers to tag you on their posts and then pick the most impressive ones to feature on your profile. There are many available applications that can easily repost any content you want to your account. The only thing that you need to do is to write a caption, add hashtags, and tag the user that created the original post. This practice will bring you closer to your community.

#5 Launch a 30-Day Challenge

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If you want to create a general post that engages your followers, then a 30-day challenge is the ideal one for you. This is a generally low-effort type of post as you only need to create a banner and specify the theme for images that must be posted in the following 30 days. With a challenge like this, you also have the post ideas for the upcoming month, and so, it has an additional benefit. Once you launch the challenge, remember to buy Instagram likes for multiple images to let it reach as many users as possible.

#6 Post a Puzzle or Quiz

Another fun type of post that you can create is a puzzle or a quiz. This particular idea works perfectly on a Carousel post as you can show the different answers on different images. Quizzes are amazing because they encourage engagement as users are going to like and comment on the post. More engagement means that more users are going to discover your content, which is the goal of every post you create on Instagram.

#7 Promote an Upcoming Live Stream

A quick and easy post idea for when you have run out of other ideas is to create a banner to announce a live stream. In addition to this, you can create a short vlog for the announcement as users tend to get more engaged with videos. Therefore, this post will work both as promotional content and one that encourages engagement. When the day of the live stream comes, you can repost the announcement to let more users know of your online even. If you have chosen to post a vlog announcement, remember to buy Instagram views for videos to boost it. 

#8 Post a Meme

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Memes are, along with quotes, the most popular type of content. And not only that, they are probably the most versatile type of content. You can easily create a meme for any niche possible and it will get a lot of likes and comments. If you want to make the extra effort, you can create a video meme and buy Instagram views for videos to promote it even more.

#9 Create an Image Collage

Another post idea is to take several things you love and create an image collage with them. This might seem like an idea that requires some effort, even though there are plenty of online tools that can create one for you in just a few seconds. The only thing that you need to do is to find a theme that interests your audience and let your creativity free to imagine a beautiful collage. If you don’t want to include all of the things in the same image, you can also create a Carousel post. Then, you can just buy Instagram likes for multiple pictures to boost it. 

These post ideas will save you on days when you don’t know what content you should publish. If you create videos, remember to buy Instagram views for videos from stormlikes.net.


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