Interesting Bedroom Design Trends for 2022

Summer is a great time to sort out some renovations for your home or if you want to go simpler, give your interior and exterior design a refresh.

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One of the most important rooms in our home is our bedroom. 

It’s a space where we do our vital sleeping and resting and spend many hours every week. If you’re planning to update your bedroom design, here are some of this year’s trends you might want to consider implementing.

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Color Drenching

Over the last couple of years, minimalism has been declining, and the use of simple white color palettes with it. Today, color is in and bedrooms, in particular, are becoming ever more kitted out with beautiful hues. In 2022, a trend you might like to consider for your bedroom is color drenching. 

This term refers to the idea of taking color beyond just the fall walls of a room to paint all surfaces instead and truly immerse the room in color. For example, on top of choosing paint colors for the walls of a room, you might add color to window frames, cupboards, doors, bookshelves, skirting, radiators, and the like, all in the same hue. 

Using one particular shade or the same tones of a color in a space helps to bring life to a room without overwhelming it. Don’t miss the ceiling, either. Rather than keeping it the usual stark white, paint it and any nearby woodwork in a complimentary color to the rest of the area. 

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Paneling has been on the rise, too, and is even more dominant in 2022. It’s prevalent in bedrooms now, providing a timeless feature that brings more depth and texture to a space. For bedrooms, you might like to add paneling behind a bed instead of using a traditional headboard and create a focal point that’s a little different. 

Another idea is to go down the wallpaper route that has a paneling look to it. This concept is a new trend for 2022 but is proving popular. It works nicely to even create a type of artwork by framing wallpaper within panels if you want to think outside the box. 

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is always convenient for students and others on a budget and for smaller spaces where you don’t have enough room to fit all the different pieces you want. Plus, with so many more people working from home now since the global pandemic, multifunctional furniture enables rooms to work as both bedrooms and offices or other combinations of helpful spaces. You can enjoy more value for your money when you purchase multifunctional pieces, too. 

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Once you start looking around, you’ll soon notice all sorts of handy multifunctional products available that are worth considering. For instance, you can invest in a new storage bed that lifts up to reveal significant storage space underneath or choose special frames that feature built-in drawers. Add a quality, affordable mattress to the bed, and you’ll quickly have a bed that invites you to relax and rest deeply. Or, you might like to buy a dressing table that also doubles as a desk or a bench for the end of your bed with storage space inside of it.  

Smart Lighting and Blinds

Many homes have at least some internet-connected devices in them these days, from tech-powered ovens, fridges, and garage doors to TVs, security cameras, front doors, and more. It’s no surprise, then, that the growth of smart-home gadgets has led to the increased use of smart lighting and blinds in bedrooms. 

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Install Internet of Things (IoT) lights, and you can control them at a touch of a button, including lowering the brightness of connected dimmers on apps or other control points. Use tech to help gradually lower the light saturation levels and make it easier to switch off for bed in turn. 

Similarly, when you have smart blinds, you can block out sleep-interrupting light and then allow the brightness in again each morning with the touch of a few buttons. Choose these window treatments to open and close drapes from the comfort of your bed or elsewhere, no matter the time of day or night. 

These are just some of the top trends to watch in 2022 if you want to update your home. Others to put on your radar include the use of stripes, warming red color palettes, statement headboards, and the addition of reading nooks and other seating options. 

Take your time designing the bedrooms in your home and consider all of these trends so you can make decisions that work with the current decorating climate, your tastes, and the budget you have available.


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