Interesting Hook Line Lamp by Pani Jurek

Hook Line is a quite interesting lamp with a lovely industrial look that adds originality even to the simplest setting. It is made by Polish designer Pani Jurek, who besides envisioning items for everyday use, where the interaction between users and objects is the main purpose, she has a special passion for lighting. When looking for creative and appealing lamps, few times we realize that it’s not necessary to have a particular complicated design to be unique and eye-catching.

Who have thought that a long colored rope, a glazed ceramic metal hook and a milk ball bulb will create together a simple but effective lamp for your everyday activities?  Black, gray, beige, denim blue, raspberry red, any color you choose, Hook Line acts both as a decorative and a functional light. It features at least two suspension points to be used both as a central and wall lighting. The 3 meter length of the polypropylene rope allows for independent binding of unlimited visually stunning knots and tangles, whlist the steel hook accentuates the industrial character of the lamp. The milk bulb is included (E-27, Philips), but they are generally available in stores with lighting. How do do find it? Share your thoughts with us in our comment section.





Photos © Pani Jurek


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