Indulge in High-End Bathroom Design with DKOR Interiors

For Miami-based firm DKOR Interiors interior design means greater quality of life for its clients. The quality of their designs relies on interesting materials and design features, but also on a good collaboration between their design team and its clients. Exploring their website, we discover outstanding design inspiration which we’re sure you’ll enjoy too. Their fantastic projects highlight creative, unique and innovative design solutions for sophisticated interiors.

If you’re looking for high-end bathroom design interior and stumped for inspiration, you’ve come to the right post to spark your imagination and create your perfect bathroom design ideas . Here we show you 14 luxurious bathrooms designed by DKOR Interiors. Eclectic, modern or contemporary, the bathrooms concepts draw attention by refinement, uniqueness and high-quality materials. Contrasting and complementary natural textures and finishes, symetry, reflective surfaces, bold patterns, great color combinations and fashionable accessories with design aesthetic that’s excess of simply functionality are some of the common characteristics of the interiors in this particular area.  Enjoy the photos!

Photos: © DKOR Interiors.



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