Interior Decorating Wallpaper Friendly to the Planet

Interior decorating wallpaper has regain popularity in recent years for home fashions, becoming one of the most attractive and trendy way to design walls. More and more companies and designers have come up with unique, original looking wallpaper collections which embodies gorgeous patterns, creative forms, bright and bold colors in a variaty of styles and sizes for any corner in our homes, all of them meant to transform any dull room into a cheerful and stylish one. It has never been easier to switch from a modern to a vintage style for example as it is now.

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It’s a piece of cake to change radically your room’s appearance or enhance it’s beauty. We are facing thousands of decorative wall solutions with most interesting, clever, hip and wonderful wallpapers, which sometimes makes quite hard to choose between so many, but for a final stunning look of our home, two elements are essential to consider: quality products and top design. Talking about quality products these modern days, when it’s a growing awarness on how to be more environmentally friendly, it means taking into consideration to pick wall coverings from makers that have a green approach in their manufacturing process. No wonder that, like any other home decor item on the market, wallpapers have joined the list that protects the environment from the ill-effects of plastic and other goods, knowing the fact that they can be problematic for our health since many of them out there are using toxic glues or are coated with PVC.


As a consequence, to meet users’ needs designers took wallpaper one step further and creating eco-chic range of wall coverings that support sustainable living. So, why are modern sustainable wallpapers are really innovative and a very good alternative to the ordinary ones? Because they are VOC-free (volatile organic compound), vinyl free,  printed with organic (water-based) inks on recycled and sustainable resources, and  include clay coatings that increase durability of these materials. The fact that they’re eco-friendly doesn’t mean of course they are less beautiful. Actually, they are as great as the normal ones with plenty of exciting and vibrating designs, but their benefits are to be taken into account:  no harmful chemicals used in them that affects us or the environment, so they are absolutely safe for kids too, they are extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Furthermore, most of them have a polished glaze and finish which stays for long, if you take proper care of them. If you plan to change your interior decor, browse the Internet or buy home decor magazines to look for the eco-friendly latest designs, sizes and color available and you can feel the difference yourself. As for decorating walls with paint, do not forget to order samples to see if the design is what you are really looking for and then purchase. Have fun when decorate and enjoy the result, and don’t forget also to share your impressions with us in our comment section!



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