Interior design and home décor trends in 2020

If you’ve recently moved into a rental or bought your own house, you know it’s not a home unless you add personality to it

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While it’s good to hire an interior designer and let them run with their imagination, you can also stay on top of the trends in home decor and interior design to take an active role in beautifying your home. 

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Here are the top interior design and home decor trends in 2020

  • Minimalism: Less is more. Minimalism is here to stay! You don’t have to have a bare house but having less things can make your house appear bigger especially if you look at a small duplex house interior design strategy. By having clean surfaces and preferably white decor, it can make the space look luxe and rich. 
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  • Off trend items: Unique designs made from less than ordinary materials will see a rise. People are now choosing to design their houses to let their personalities shine. This could mean different things to different people. You might want to paint your house black or have hand-carved tables in the living room. 
  • Restored furniture: Remember that old trunk your grandmother held on to? You can refurbish it and place it in the middle of your living room to serve as a coffee table. 
  • Sustainable materials: With climate change a real threat, sustainability is a major trend. People are more conscious than ever about how they treat the environment and it has started to show up in design. Some of the most famous duplex apartments in Bangalore choose to use plants as decor instead of investing in luxury items. It also helps you bring nature in as opposed to having a divide between the outdoors and indoors. 
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  • Lighting fixtures will still be important: One thing that won’t change is lighting. Great lighting fixtures can elevate the look of an entire room. However, we will see a shift into multifunctional light or lighting being used for purposes other than the original intention. For instance, in a small room, you might opt-out of having a table lamp and get a hanging pendant lamp instead. 
  • Colors will become common: People will move away from the standard neutrals and dreaded white. Furniture may also be the perfect opportunity to display the love for color without it looking tacky. 
  • Patterns everywhere: Bold is beautiful. We will start to see patterns everywhere. Layered patterns on tables, tiles and textile is the hottest trend. Matching different patterns is also a common design technique in 2020. 
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  • Handmade Goods: Etsy has been instrumental in giving rise to a whole new way of selling handmade goods direct to tons of consumers. Due to this, handmade goods will replace typical retail decor that is mass-produced. 
  • Two-tone kitchens: People have started to experiment with two-tone kitchen which puts the kitchen in full view instead of making a bland, vanilla design. Appliances and fittings too will sport patterns and colors. 

These are the hottest new trends in 2020. Which one will you be trying?


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