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Interior design trends are an often contended issue with everyone’s style and taste changing from room to room. Lately, bold colours, or vibrant wallpaper on feature walls have become highly fashionable. The minimalist style of décor has also earned its place. However, whatever you decide bear in my mind this is your living space, you will spend more time here than anywhere else, so the best style for you is the one you like. After all, fashion is just the taste of the masses.
If you are redecorating a bedroom, some simple tips to consider for maximizing the potential of the space is to first empty the room, sit in the centre and visualise how you would want the end result to look. A good tip is to take some masking tape and mark on the walls/floor the size of the furniture that has caught your eye, or the type of furniture you would like in the room. This is an easy way to see how much space you will have left to play around with once filled, and whether this is a liveable size.

You need to enjoy being in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Therefore this is certainly one of the most essential rooms to re-decorate as soon as you begin to feel its current theme/décor is a little outdated. While it’s best to try and avoid overly heavy colours that create an intense presence in the room, bold romantic reds, or subtle elegant greys can help to nurse you off to sleep. If your room is a little smaller perhaps, and you want to maximize the space you do have then lighter tones will add space to the room. Light magnolias, whites and yellows will give the impression of space. As well, carpets can make a room shrink as soon as they are laid. Laminate flooring, or tile flooring, or the ever growing rustic look of varnished floor boards will give the impression of space in the room and contribute very well to the minimalist look. Removing excess clutter and being creative with your storage options is another handy tip for maximizing the perceived space of the bedroom. Under the bed storage space, or using tins and jars to store clutter that have previously plagued your shelves provide a breathing space that is naturally relaxing and will provide a better night’s sleep.

If you have bedside tables or a night-stand in your bedroom, another simple tip would be to add fabric skirts draping to the floor. This provides space in which to store items using the space you would have otherwise wasted. This will again make the room look larger, provide a calmer feel within and promote more natural, healthy rest.
So once you have implemented the new fundamentals; that is the walls, floors and the lighting, it’s time to settle on some furniture. Now aside from the creative storage solutions discussed above, fashionable furniture and modern designs are easily achieved following some simple themes in the industry.
Firstly, rustic designs compliment the minimalist theme in the bedroom excellently. Again though, bear in mind style before substance is not always appropriate. Whichever furniture you decide ensure it’s as functional as it is stylish or what you’ll have is another addition to the clutter of the room that you will never use.

Recycled rustic furniture’s are a growing trend. The style works exceptionally well when paired with modern design elements and complimentary colours. As well, reclaimed furniture options are often designed with the environment in mind. Made ostensibly with wood from sustainable forests or recycled materials they provide a clean conscience to allow the user to relax in style and comfort.
Cooler colours are also becoming more popular within the furniture market. Coupled especially well with lighter walls, furniture’s of grey or beiges instil a feeling of calm that works especially well in the bedroom. The neutrality of the colours again does not provide any one focal point in the room, though subtly shape the space and leave the room seeming larger.
One final point worth noting is that things that are traditionally associated with the bedroom don’t necessarily need to be. For example, do you really need to store all of your clothes, books, dvd’s and cd’s in your bedroom? If you have a spare room, why not turn it into a walk-in wardrobe, or store less frequently worn items of clothing there removing the need for bulky wardrobes or chest of drawers.

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The thing to maintain is encourage your own creativity. You don’t need a Laurence Llewellyn Bowen to makeover your bedroom; everybody is capable of designing their own space. Interior design is simply a matter of opinion and taste. This is forever changing and not one person has the same as the next. Therefore inspired design doesn’t have to be straight off of the television but more about adjusting what you already have to suit what you want to achieve. Remember, space is the element which you can’t really alter so as long as your attempts are centred on the acceptance of, and maximization of the space you have at your disposal then you can adjust the décor/colours to produce a comfortable liveable setting. Light colours and sensible furniture options can produce exactly this, and does not need to cost the earth. Simple yet elegant is a good guide to follow and remember, over complication of anything rarely yields good results!


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