Intriguing Design Showcased by an Expanding Lamp

German-based studio Thiemo Hildebrandt Design come with new and interesting  perspectives on how we approach our surroundings. One of their projects is this expanding lamp with an intriguing and unconventional design. Although simple in its appearance, this modern pendant lamp is a special decorative item which will surely enhance any room décor, giving a pleasant atmosphere. Why is so special? Because it can take whatever shape you want to give it, transforming from a flat disc to a sphere and back.


The light intensity also changes in the same time, increasing when becomes a sphere and decreasing when returns to its original shape. The discs surface develops and expands steadily by air blown in between two layers of silicone. The increased surface will provide more light and become palpable. Consequential a vivid breathing effect is created that activates a personal relation between user and light.







 Photos: © Thiemo Hildebrandt.


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