Is a window roller easy to clean?

Window Roller Shades are very practical window accessories that require special attention. Daily tasks caused by food, insects, and even simple dust make the blind dirty. Fortunately, cleaning them is easy and will only take you a few minutes to restore a beautiful appearance to your blinds.

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Start cleaning 

To begin with, it is a good idea to completely unroll the blinds before any cleaning. They must be lowered more than usual to present the entire surface of the fabric. If you want to maintain only the visible surface in the room, it will be complicated to keep the same colour on the faces of the blind. So, it is advisable to clean all parts of your roller blinds.

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To free your window roller shades from dust, it is essential to vacuum at first. Adapt its brush tip to suck up dust and remove dirt that has settled on the canvas. For optimal cleaning, it is advisable to start from the top of the blind when going down.

Disconcerting ease with the vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner as a priority to remove dirt as much as possible is a very easy, fast and effective solution for cleaning those blinds. According to some cleaning experts, starting by vacuuming the blinds to remove dust makes further cleaning easier. 

You will then only need a sponge to remove the remnants of dirt on the resulting t. The use of a humidified microfiche cloth is also necessary, after which you need to let your roller blinds dry.

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Use a cleaning solution

A mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water is recommended for the quick cleaning of your blinds. Using a moistened sponge, wipe your blind perfectly from top to bottom. Please do not have enough water in the sponge as it may drip and wet the floor. However, it is not necessary to use chemical detergent which may blinds.

Let your Window  Roller  Shades dry

After wiping your blinds thoroughly, it’s time to dry them. Since the cleaning was not done with water, the pruning will therefore take little time. Leave the  Window  Roller  Shades extended until they are completely dry.

Afterwards, leave our blinds completely unrolled overnight. This is a precautionary measure so as not to immediately dirty the blind before complete drying. In case you roll them before drying, they may give off a foul odour and mould stains could appear on the fabric.


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