Is house, a Futuristic Modern Concept Designed by Steep Studio

Is house, designed by Steep Studio, is a residential private house, located in  Tibilisi, Georgia in the suburbia area of  a residential building complex. Being constructed for a young family, we can understand why the designer built such a futuristic house. The owner desire was that the Steep Studio to design a house based on the modern concept of open space architecture.

Is-house (13)

The Is residential house has 486 sq.m.  area and it consists in two floors, a pool, a kitchen and a beautiful yard. At the grand floor,  there is a dinning, kitchen and an exceptional cabinet gathered under one spacious open space with an impressive interior design separated by elegant decorative elements, with walkways through both sides. Also in the side of the yard, this floor has a glazing wall, but on the side of the street, it has a plain wall, which permits to the young parent to look after their  children, while being in the house. I think this kind of interior design is a brilliant idea which can be applied by the young families with little children so that parents can observe their children when they are playing,  while they are making house working.

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On the second floor,  there are two bedrooms, and one master bedroom with separate bathroom, and one common terrace on the side of the garden, so they can enjoy the view of a lovely yard, which is actually the best place to relax and enjoy the nature.

Using the modern style and having a remarkable way to combine the design elements, the Steep Studio designed a small bridge to  created a connection between the garden and the long magnificent pool.

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 Photos © Steep Studio



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