Is it Worth to Study & Pass Cisco CCNA Certification Exam?

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) certification has increased in popularity among other IT certificates across the globe. The principal focus of this credential is based on the springing up of relevant skills that correspond to the rapid preparation of IT professionals in this current dispensation of the advanced networking environment. If you can achieve the CCNA certification, it simply means that you can build effective networking acquisitions.


Main Paths of CCNA Certifications

Once you have a fundamental requirement for the Secuirty 210-260, ICND ICND1 ICND2 CCNP Route Switch TSHOOT Lead2Pass PassLeader, the next line of action is to specialize in any of the three distinct paths listed below that can help you master your skills, abilities, and knowledge. Three main paths include:

  • CCNA Routing and Switching

This certification is a well-known and internationally recognized credential that confirms the candidates’ ability to set up, configure, manage, and troubleshoot medium-size switched and routed networks. A CCNA certified specialist is able to connect to remote sites via WAN, and moderate major security threats. The CCNA R&S covers the following topics: IPv4, IPv6, IOS, OSPF, EIGRP, VLANs, and Ethernet.


The main task of this credential is to secure Cisco networks. The CCNA Security certification focuses on monitoring and troubleshooting of networking devices in order to sustain confidentiality, integrity, availability of devices and data. A CCNA Security expert should have the relevant knowledge and ability to deploy a security infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities and threats, as well as mitigate them. The job titles associated with this certificate are Network Support Engineers, Security Administrators, and Network Security Specialists.

  • CCNA Wireless


This IT certification involves the use of Cisco instrumentality to configure, operate, and support wireless LANs. A CCNA Wireless professional has the ability to work as a specialist of wireless support or as manager of WLAN projects.

Benefits of CCNA Certifications

Does it worth to get the CCNA certification for the professionals of networking? Here are some key points that support the affirmative response.

  • It shows that you are a qualified individual.


The recent survey that was carried out by Cisco via the Forester Consultants indicated that the training programs and certifications are the vital aspect of recruiting and employing the candidates for a particular role in networking. Also, it has been discovered that the certifications for the professionals can be obtain after the completion of the degree course according to the requirement for the job status. The quota for a credential is 49 percent, and the degree is 51 percent. These two points act as the determinants used by the hiring managers to make the best choice out of the available top talented candidates.

  • It gives an access to the Cisco Learning Network.

Network Router

The Cisco Learning Network program designed by Cisco is a unique scheme that cannot be compared to any other networks. In this kind of a learning network, the social network possesses a broadly platform of explore used in learning. This is known as the Web 2.0 community comprising of blogs, wikis, sharing of documents, collaboration, etc. This kind of network offers rich services for the candidates who are in search of training tools, roadmaps, simulation labs, job listings, corporate internships, mentorship, hiring and recruiting. The Cisco Learning Network was designed for the people at all the levels of knowledge, and also for those who have great interest in the networking profession.

  • It offers the best opportunities for the applicants.


The world of networking is full of various opportunities for any IT professionals whereby any CCNA certified specialists can find a good job in no time. Besides, the certified experts can earn more respect from other co-workers and their colleagues. The reason is that they know how valuable CCNA certification is, and this makes these specialists reliable.

  • Knowledge and Experience

Truly, the technique of obtaining your certification will potentially increase your level of experience and knowledge. The Cisco certifications also advance your career and salary levels. You will get the in-depth knowledge and skills that will help you take a solid position in the network industry.


  • Advancement of Career Level

When you add your CCNA certification to your CV, you will definitely experience a high probability of being promoted to the career ladder. The reason is that the CCNA certificates are recognized worldwide. They show your professional relevance in the respective IT realm. You can even get a speedy promotion as soon as you earn your certification.

  • Salary Increase

CCNA Salary

A higher salary is the best benefit of the CCNA certifications, especially in the same company you are working. Even if you are not promoted, you will have the opportunities to get a higher salary more than any other IT professionals. This is the reason why the CCNA certificates play very crucial role in the individuals’ life.

Final Thoughts

computer Cisco

Most employers who have hired candidates with the CCNA certification have confirmed that the best way to survive in the competitive IT field is to use the knowledgeable and experienced CCNA professionals. The employer believes that such candidates have everything they need for his company to survive in a competitive world.

Finally, the dramatic increase in the networking predicts a worldwide shortage of the networking experts who are qualified. This reason is good enough for any certified professional to begin networking profession.


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