Is There an Ideal Time of Year to Get A Pest Inspection Done?

This really depends on the circumstances, if you have found active pests on your property in which case you would need to call a pest controller out immediately regardless of what time of year it was.If you have a regular pest control services you likely have the benefit of continuous protection and do not have the need to treat for any pests during the seasons when theyare typically most active.

Today we’re speaking with Danny from Pest-Ex Pest Control who has been providing pest control services for more than 10 years right across South East Queensland.

Based on many years of experience in completing thousands of pest control treatments you become familiar with seasonal pest patterns and trends, so we typically see an increase in pest activity when temperatures and humidity start to rise. Depending on where in Australia you live June through to August are cooler and pests will lay dormant over these months and be less active.

So, while we cannot say there is an ideal time of year to conduct a pest inspection there is huge value in scheduling standard pest control treatment services throughout the year as part of a prevention and management plan.

Protection throughout the Year Involves 3 Stages of Treatments

Pest control treatments work in 3 stages and when they are implemented at certain times of the year it results in effective and long-lasting pest control results.

Stage 1 -Protection during Peak Pest Season

This is the most important stage for treatment to take place when pests are most active over the warmest months. The colony can be directly treated, and it is the fastest method of control of current and new infestations.

This treatment is done during a pest control service and involves an internal perimeter spray treatment covering kitchens, bathrooms and skirting boards. This spray treatment is a fine spray containing a product called cislin 25 and has an active ingredient called deltamethrin, this treatment will eliminate 50 – 80% of pests in as little as 24 hours.

This perimeter spray will eliminate pests in the house and be effective over the peak pest season but only lasts 2-4 months, so other control measures need to be put in place to keep pests out all year round.

Stage 2- Cavity Protection Throughout the year

This stage offers control of any new pests entering the home throughout the year and involves roof void and wall cavity dusting. The treatment concentrates on concealed and hard to reach areas of your home. It is done during a pest control service and a fine dusting application is applied using a dusting machine permeating the wall cavity, weep holes and roof void. This product lasts up to 12 months and treats any new pest that enters the home through the treated areas.

Stage 3- Internal Protection Throughout the year

This stage offers control of any new pests entering the home throughout the year and treatment involves a baiting gel technique that is applied in cupboards kitchens, under sinks and in any cracks throughout the house. This gel bait is effective for 12 months and provides control of pests before they are allowed to multiply throughout the year.

Combing these 3 stages of pest control provides year-round pest control and when implemented at the right time of year there really is no need to call a pest control service for emergency treatments.


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