Keep These In Mind Before Buying Your Own Massage Chair

We all dream of sitting down on a massage chair for hours and just letting it erase days’ worth of stress. Admittedly though, not everyone can have this privilege, not when a single retail massage chair still could cost you an arm and a leg.

That’s why for most of us, we have to settle with the publicly available ones that we see in shopping malls or spas. But what if you are willing to invest in a personal massage chair? Maybe you have just the right amount of spare cash lying around and want to put it to good use, or you found a sustainable installment plan? Well, lucky you! You just might have found a nice product that will serve you for years to come. We say “might” because although buying a massage chair isn’t inherently difficult (there are dozens of options online), getting a good massage chair is.

Subjective Tastes

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Imagine you’re buying a smartphone. Not just any smartphone, a smartphone that feels you. You know what we’re talking about. Whenever we buy a new smartphone, we want it to have as many features that we personally find useful, and as little bloatware as possible. It is a similar case with massage chairs. If you aren’t updated with the latest innovations in massage chair technology, you’ll be surprised to learn about how futuristic new models are these days! We even have the JP Medic Kumo, a fantastic voice-activated massage chair for people who want to save each possible second of their break. Truly, there’s something for everyone, but you don’t need everything. If you’re on a budget, you’re going to want to get the features you think are best for you and minimize the overall cost as much as possible. Nobody wants to pay extra for features they don’t even want (that’s how car salespeople get you!), that’s just a waste of money.

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So how do you know what you are supposed to be looking for in a massage chair? Well, for starters, look at your routine. Pay attention to high-intensity activities that use up the most of your daily energy. You should take note of how much time you spend doing a single activity, be it typing on a computer, crouching down in the garden, etc. Try to find out which muscle groups in your body have to work in order to do these activities, and those will be your highest priorities. When you get a massage chair, look for features that are specifically targeting those areas. Spend a lot of time with your legs in awkward positions? The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid has a unique HybriFlex massage track that gives your lower body a soothing and natural stretch. There are lots of massage chairs with programs and extra features that are designed for specific parts of the body. The key takeaway here is that by selecting the massage chair that is best suited to support your daily routine, you will also avoid paying too much for other features you might not even benefit from.

Price Range

If you ever tried looking at massage chair prices online, you might be confused with how wide the range of prices is. You’ll sometimes find massage chairs that cost around US$ 800 and some that could cost up to US$ 12k! Using the smartphone analogy once more, we know that products from Apple and Samsung are generally of good quality. Sometimes we find off-brands that are on par with the quality from those big names in the industry, but most of the time we tend to avoid them out of uncertainty. The market for massage chairs, on the other hand, doesn’t have these easily recognizable brands. You might not know whether the massage chair you spent thousands of dollars for is actually from a trustworthy manufacturer, or you were swindled into buying an overpriced off-brand.

The best way to make sure your massage chair is legit? Check who you are buying from first. We recommend looking for dedicated massage chair retailers because they are far more likely to know about the intricacies of buying a massage chair compared to some furniture sections of your nearby mall. There are also showrooms that allow customers to try out different massage chairs before they make a decision if they want to get one. As for online, you need to do a bit more research. Usually, the manufacturers themselves have their own websites, so you don’t have to search that much. As for brands, there are some that come to mind. Take the Osaki Maestro LE as a great representative of the Osaki brand. This massage chair is priced at around US$ 10k; expensive, but highly sought-after. It has a very realistic massage roller that feels just like real human hands kneading your body!

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When you finally get the chance to get yourself that massage chair you’ve always dreamed of, prepare yourself for a very tough decision. It is a huge purchase after all, and whatever you end up with has to satisfy you for many years. In order for you to have a much better shopping experience, you need to remember that a massage chair is supposed to be suited for your personal tastes and the best massage chairs are priced that way for a good reason. We wish you all the best with your massage chair hunt!

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