Kid’s Room Wall Decorating Ideas

Decorating a child’s room is very important and you’ll know that when you have a child in your home. Searching for creative interior design ideas when it comes to your little ones’ rooms and put them into practice may not be the most easier job for parents, but the process  of designing could become really interesting and why not funny as well. In the end, seeing the joy in your child’s eyes will be the most significant reward and you’ll know it was worth every effort.

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If you want to bring drastic, visible changes for your children’s bedrooms, you should know that changing wall paints along with some basic things like dresser, bed frame and mattress, is one fresh and cool solution. Paint colors, murals, wallpaper cutouts and anything related to them have the ability to transform room’s decor in a snap. You don’t have to believe us, just try for yourselves and we’d love to hear in our comment area how these information helped you. Childhood is all about surprise and magic, and every child deserves to enjoy a stimulating environment that makes him remember  fabulos moments over the years. As they love to explore, look around, encounter and have fun, their bedroom must have enough space and exudes creativity and cheerfulness through vibrant colors, toys, pictures, effortless organizational systems to learn them easy to use, sunlight all day long and enough space to play with their friends.

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You can create a fantasy world within their own room and make them happy by choosing an interesting theme with their favourite characters on the walls. Kids adore cartoons, fairy-tales, all kinds of stories about cowboys, pirates and they often imagine themselves super-heroes of them. There are available hundreds of different themed accessories, furniture and of course wall decorations in the shops. Through creative wall painting techniques, animated characters like Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Tweety, Batman or Cinderella come to life and every day spent there will be a wonderful memory for years to come. This task needs only choosing the right type of paint and the adequate painting contractor, because the rest depends on your imagination and how open to ideas you want to be. We almost forgot: patience is required, a lot of patience and thinking process in order to obtain the desired results. Painting is not a very expensive option and is very easy to do that when you know exactly what you want to achieve with it. If your child is old enough to express their likes and dislikes, then it’s a great idea to let them participate with ideas and thoughts to this designing process, maybe you’ll find a suitable theme more quickly than you think. For example, if you paint your paneling, besides the fact that it will look far better than a non painted panel board, it will make the room look more modern and elegant.


Kids love bright and vibrant colors, but you have to be aware when using them. The beauty of a child’s room comes from harmonizing the right colors and hues, not from them together no matter what colors they are, only because you liked them. When you have three or more bold colors in the same room , it’s already too much. You have to limit any vivid color to just one wall is you can. Beautiful, dreamy colors such as blues, soft yellows,  neutrals, soothing apple greens are perfect choices for a nursery, while for older children works any charming and unexpected combinations of modern colors as long as they like it and it goes with the rest of the decor. Warm beige and sunny cream are also wonderful conditions for any ravishing interior decoration. Overcrowded with collections, toys, equipments and games, a child’s bedroom gets messy very quickly, as well as the wall surfaces. So, the paint you choosed should be washable and semi-gloss paint might be an example.


Another option that really dress up a room and gives that touch of originality is decorative paint, which give home painting a new creative dimension. It’s also an amazing idea to bring your child’s thoughts and creativity over his bedroom walls. Whether you create an underwater world with mermaid, a jungle with lions, a football field or the feeling of spring with fresh and colorful flowers, or anything else, decorative paints will help you to achieve stunning effects through new and impressive textures. For a minimal cost and effort, you can brighten the kid’s room with wallpapers and wall stickers or add dramatic interest with murals (which are more expensive), all these choices having many advantages besides the low price. Designed as either a stand-alone designs or as an add-on to various popular themes, they come in various models and sizes to suit your needs, are totally removable, re-usable, repositionable and washable, and are easily to use. You can use them to extend your paint design or on their own in a large or small space where paint isn’t an option. Matched with un unusual bed or dresser, wallpapers, wall stickers and murals are surely a perfect way to decorate your little boys’ and girls’ bedroom, being really effective on gealming up their vigilant and creative mind.



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