Kindergarten Austria for a distinctive education

Kindergarten, today are places where children must feel a specific heat and an environment where they can build a distinctive education, Kindergarten Sighartstein shows a modern architecture, which incorporates elements of nature and puts them into a single architecture light, designed to provide space for organizing all activities of children, but also a great design.
Spaces are used depending on the needs specific destination. For example communications center for children and caregivers, space for joint activities but also a space for alternative activities for bad weather. If we talk about space, it will be the host for various things for children, furniture, equipment toys, also  the color will be in  control  but in a natural green environment that offers a sense given the nature of life.

Architects: Kadawittfeldarchitektur
Location: Sighartstein, Land Salzburg,
Builder: township neumarkt am wallersee
realization: 2008-2009 , Public competition 2003, 1st prize
Building Volume: 830 sqm
Construction sum: 1.2 Million €
Photographer: Angelo Kaunat, Salzburg



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