Kitchen Design And Tech Innovations To Watch Out For

More and more people will be working from home in the near future, with close to 42% of the American population currently doing so – as reported by Forbes. More time at home means the necessity for more comfortable, flexible and aesthetically pleasing spaces that provide a blend of focus, entertainment and relaxation.

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Open floor plans continue to hold sway in new builds and renovation projects alike, with kitchens often taking up a considerable percentage of a designer’s budget. If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen a new look, the following trends may appeal.

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Luxury Materials
No longer are kitchens a merely utilitarian space meant for cooking and storage. Today, open floor home designs have brought them to the fore, with the kitchen transforming into a key space for family members and friends to meet and enjoy a meal or drink. Luxury materials are jazzing up high-end kitchens, with materials such as marble, wood and concrete playing starring roles in central islands, countertops and shelves. Designers are embracing a blend of these materials as well, with combinations such as concrete-effect islands, wood-effect cupboards, and metallic materials on island stools, islands and lighting.

Smart, Stylish Refrigerators
Refrigerators come in a variety of sizes, and while in the past, volume was the main concern for homeowners, today, considerations such as shape, color and the presence or absence of ‘smart features’ are essential. High-end fridges contain a blend of features, including auto defrosting, ice making, and noise reduction. They also come in various hues – including steel, black, hot pink, and glass. Some smart fridges bear a chrome-like appearance that is deceptive to the eye: this is because if you tap them twice, they become completely clear so you can see the contents inside. Additional smart teach features include automatic grocery list creation (when your stock of regular items is low, the fridge syncs this item to your smartphone so you know it’s time to replenish your supplies), automatic temperature adjustment (to save energy), and entertainment features (such as a screen on the fridge door that enables you to watch your favorite film or series while you are preparing dinner).

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Designer Lighting
Lighting is a key way to add artistry to a kitchen, and the past few years have seen a big sway in favor of Italian pendant lighting, chandeliers, and lighting installations hanging over areas such as islands and gourmet corners of kitchens. Metallic looks in soft and rose gold, chrome and copper lend warmth and appeal. Also popular are transparent ‘bubbles’ – think a lighting feature with 60 or more ‘bubbles’ hanging at different heights and containing tiny lights inside. The effect is a graceful shimmer that captures the attention of those with an eye for beauty.

Additional Storage Space
Having enough storage space in your kitchen means a tidier space in which to prepare food and enjoy it. Designers are recommending new kitchen layouts that promote better storage. Tips include the use of double islands (one to prepare food and one to eat it), islands with internal storage space (e.g. pull-out cabinets and sliding doors), and walk-in pantries.

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It is an exciting time indeed for kitchen design, with homeowners turning their kitchens into one of their home’s most stunning spaces. From designer lighting to double islands, new features are as beautiful as they are practical. Smart technology in equipment such as fridges, meanwhile, offers the perfect blend of functionality and entertainment, which in turn makes home life easy.


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