Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Today’s Home: 7 Benefits of Granite Countertops

Now that the recession appears to finally be over, many homeowners are undergoing home remodeling projects either to list their homes for sale on the MLS or simply to get that new look they have been dreaming of over the past several years. One of the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling at the moment is to have all counters resurfaced and the most popular material is granite. If you have been wondering what the big attraction in granite is, here are 7 benefits of granite countertops you may not have been aware of.

1. Unique & Luminous Appeal

Granite is a natural stone and when made into a flat surface material for countertops, these stones are highly polished adding luster to an already beautiful stone. The wonderful aspect of using granite for your kitchen is that no two stones will ever be the same. Now you have a unique countertop unlike any in your neighborhood and one that is luminous for that added bit of appeal.

2. Sanitary Surface

One of the features of granite that makes it a countertop of choice for many homeowners is the fact that granite is naturally resistant to bacterial invasion. Unlike butcher block island countertops that get sliced when using sharp knives, granite will stay smooth and will resist growth of pathogenic bacteria. Yes, it is heavier than its wooden counterpart but so much more sanitary it is truly worth building cabinets with extra support to hold the weight.Granite-Countertops-2

3. Heat Resistant

Granite is a natural stone that was formed over many years under pressure and heat. As a result, granite is resistant to heat so you can place hot pans and baking tins right on the counter without fearing burn marks or fires. Granite will not discolor from heat so many homeowners set out hot casseroles and serving dishes when entertaining friends buffet style. This alone is incentive enough to choose granite over other types of countertops.

4. Easy to Clean

Similarly to being sanitary, granite is also extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is take a damp, warm washcloth and go over the countertop as needed. Granite doesn’t scratch easily either so if anything dries on the surface there is no need to worry about scouring it up with a green Teflon pad. Some areas of the country like Phoenix, Arizona are difficult to keep dust-free so granite countertops are the perfect solution since they can be cleaned quickly and easily with just a damp cloth.Granite-Countertops-3

5. Lasts Literally Forever

Granite, being stone, lasts literally forever. In fact, you will find that your countertops often outlive your home! One thing to keep in mind when choosing to replace countertops with granite is to seriously consider the state of repair in which your cabinets underneath are in. If you find that they may need repair or replacing within the next few years, it may be to your advantage to replace them at the same time as having your counters replaced. It will save time and money and will be much easier to match dimensions than having cabinets built to ‘fit’ your countertops.

6. Adds Value as a Home Improvement

Since there are so many attractive benefits to granite counters, it is easy to see how they can add value to your home. This is one improvement that typically will never be considered an over improvement because they are functional as well as attractive. Who wouldn’t want a counter that was sanitary, easy to keep clean, heat resistant and durable enough to last forever?Granite-Countertops-4

7. Granite Will Not Depreciate in Value

Not only are granite countertops able to add value to your home, this is one improvement that will not depreciate over time. Why? Because depreciation is calculated by the wear and tear along with ultimate replacement/repair costs. Since granite lasts literally forever, there will not be any wear and tear to calculate. It’s really just that simple! Granite does not depreciate so it will be worth just as much next year and the year after as it is today.

There you have seven really great reasons to consider granite when remodeling your kitchen or having a home built to your specs. This is also why granite is currently trending and why you are likely to see many builders opting for granite when designing homes with their architects. Not only does granite add beauty and function to any kitchen it adds value to the home. All in all, it’s a really worthwhile investment.


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