Know Every Detail before Your Start Redoing Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is not a small undertaking. So, if you have planned to redesign your house, start the project from your bathroom. But before you start picking out your old bathtub and tearing up the half broken and tacky tiles, get some advice about bathroom renovations from the professionals. These people can help you with the effective guidance and instructions. After conversing with various interior designers and contractors, here are certain tips and tricks that can help you put every detail perfectly.


Choose The Tile Floor According To Your Need:

Easy Care Tile Floor:

If you are looking for tile floors that are easy to care, go for the glazed and porcelain tiles and avoid those natural and porous stone tiles like the limestone ones. Unless sealed attentively, these tiles will still, drip and get stained with time.

Non-Slip Floors:

Choose tiles that have got textured surface, sand containing glazes or matte finishes. Apart from this, you have also other alternative options; one of such option is the small tiles. These small tiles come with numerous grout lines that offer better grip on the floor than the large tiles.Redoing-Your-Bathroom-1

Make Use Of The Best Sealer:

Go for a hybrid and acrylic formula, such that you can easily remove the tiles and fixtures off from its base, without making use if any harsh and toxic chemicals. However, apart from all these, make sure that it contains “Mildewcide” that provides protection and safety to the porcelain for minimum five to six years or even longer.

How Much Space You Require? 

Theoretically, you can easily fit your sink and the toilet within a 11 square-foot area and still meet all your national building codes. But for the sake of comfort, it is better to look for an area that is at least three to four feet wider and six to eight feet longer. Check the local codes, if you have any other additional requirements.

Adding up a little more space in your bathroom can not only enhance its beauty, but also make it look more luxurious and lavish.Redoing-Your-Bathroom-2

Amp up The Cabling of Your Bathroom:

The 15-amp cabling has now become obsolete; it is something that people could only find in traditional house bathrooms. Since, the present generation is now biased for electronic gadgets and appliances, most of them do not wish to opt for these age-old techniques. So, do not just make use of those GFCI outlets, consider replacing the cables too, with some of those 20-amp circuits and numerous outlets, which you can use for plunging in your various electronic appliances like electric razor, hair straightening irons and much more.

These are some of the most crucial things that you should consider while planning for bathroom renovations in Melbourne. Apart from these, there are various other things that you can look for in the market, but these are some of the most crucial ones.


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