La Bonne Bouche Bucharest-old style,new trend design

New addition to the Bucharest restaurant scene, La Bonne Bouche is a gorgeous little bistro located in Bucharest Old Town that has become in shortly a landmark of the area.
Created in a perfect French style, it will amaze you by his interior design which is a combination of the creative and ingeniously classic bistro elements – tables with cast iron legs, various models of chairs, floor tiles with floral motifs, wine shelves – with contemporary touches like wall lamps designed by Tom Dixon, Navy chairs or the Taraxacum lamp from Flos.

The use of lighting is another aspect that the architect considered very important. He used mostly halogen spotlights for the quality of the light they offer. Of course we see many other objects that play this role but only in ornamental way.

what do you think about this old style and new design trend in La Bonne Bouche Bucharest?

photos source: corvincristian


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