La Gaîté Lyrique – Paris contemporary cultural place

Inaugurated in 1862, the theatre of la Gaîté Lyrique was one of the cultural landmarks of Paris over time. The building with 1800 places for various shows has survived many wars and it has been abandoned since 1987. In 2001 it was decided its reintroduction of the cultural circuit with the intention to create a center that promote the digital culture and contemporary music. The transformation of la Gaîté Lyrique started in 2003 and lasted almost 8 years until march this year when this historic place was reopened to the public as an impressive centre dedicated to digital culture. Brought to a new life by the architect Manuelle Gautrand, the project is a bold and challenging concept which reflects a modern deep image defined by flexibility, dynamism and creativity.

The building has now spaces for concerts and artistic performances, for multimedia shows, exhibitions, conferences, projections and workshops and in some of them we see the radically mix between new and old. Some parts of the old building were demolished and created new complex ones. Everything is designed as a modular system, easy to handle for being re-created in any moment. La Gaîté Lyrique is a place of interactive multi-sensory experiences, a place of experimentation and exchange, a place accessible to all generations. By exploring the enormous potential of digital art forms, this building will be again a place of reference in the contemporary french society as it was in the past but now in relation to the digital revolution.
This building is amazing and beautiful. People who want to learn more
about the study of interior design and want to design amazing buildings
like this can find more information here.


photos: Vincent Fillon, Philippe Ruault, Jean Harixcalde


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