Landscaping designer – Necessary questions to ask before you hire one

Are you considering working with a landscaping designer? If you’re wondering about the perfect fit and you wish to avoid surprises during the middle of the project, you have to make sure you ask the appropriate questions and that you’re familiar with the host of services that the professionals offer. You are supposed to interview at least 3-4 landscape designers before choosing the best one.

When it comes to landscaping Mississauga, there are several queries on their services that you need to know before hiring a professional company. Are you eager to know the questions? Well, here are some that are worth taking into account.

Question #1: What are the kinds of services that you provide?

The foremost question is about determining the services that the landscape designer provides to his clients. Are you experienced enough with the area of work that you want and can you manage and design it on your own? Basically, the landscape designers fall into 3 main categories, design-only, design-build and full service which is a total maintenance program. You have to find out which category your landscape designer falls in.

Question #2: Can you show me few examples of your previous projects?

You have to take into account the specific style of the designer in accordance with the type of garden that you want. In case you wish to have a clean-lined and modern city garden, you have to ask him whether he has done that kind before. Or when you look forward to having a cottage-style garden, do they have enough knowledge on the plants that they should deliver? In case the portfolio of the designer doesn’t include the style that you’re looking for, check his credentials to get a proof of this work.

Question #3: Will you provide me with consultations on my garden?

There are some landscape designers who will offer 1-2 hour of consultations on a garden. When you initially meet your landscape designer, you should ask him to join you for a walk through your garden and you can keep listening to his consultations about how you should maintain your garden. This is one of the greatest opportunities that tell you about whether or not the designer is the best fit for you.

Question #4: What sorts of ideas do you have for my garden?

Once you have shared the wish list and your budget with your landscape designer and the designer has also had the opportunity to take a close look at your property, ask about his vision for the landscape. Designers have got several mediums of demonstrating their ideas for the landscape which range from collage-style board with two-dimensional drawing created via CAD program.

Question #5: What’s the process of landscaping that you use?

The process that a designer uses will depend entirely on his services. You, being the client, should get to know about the entire process that he uses and whether the designer is responsible for foreseeing each and every step. You need to know what you can expect from the project and how much the designer can meet your expectations.

Therefore, before you hire a landscape designer for designing your landscape, make sure you ask the above mentioned questions so that you can be sure about the skills, expertise and experience of the professional.


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