Latest Curtain Designs to Give Your Living Room a New Look

The curtain is often chosen after a room has been freshly decorated. However, a curtain should really be the first thing chosen. It is essential to balancing the colour and creating a warm yet homely feeling. If you choose to decorate first it is quite possible you will not find the right color to match your room and your curtains will look out of place. A curtain can be purchased off the shelf or can be made to measure. It can be made from many different fabrics and can be any length you require.


The following tips should help you choose the best curtains for your room:

Pay more attention to color and material type

A heavy curtain will fall nicely into the pattern you require but if they are too heavy they may not fold well. The opposite can be said for a light curtain. The lighter the material the more light which will be allowed into the room and this can make a difference to the ambience. The way a curtain drapes is an essential part of its design and you should always take a large sample piece to try at home. Bright colors can also be an issue if your room receives a large amount of sunlight. This will fade the fabric and quickly make your curtains look tired. Curtain-Designs-1

Length and lining

A curtain which is hung above the window will make the room look taller. You will also need to decide how long you wish the curtains to be. There is no right or wrong to this part; it is simply a case of which will look best in your room.

Off the shelf or customized – which of these option would you go for?

There are several elements to consider when deciding the best curtain to go for. Ones which are off the shelf will be cheaper and will be available immediately. Those which are made to order can be made to your exact specifications and will probably be unique. However they are not a good option if you need your curtains quickly. Having decided the size, color and length you will now need to consider which style is most appropriate for your room:Curtain-Designs-2


Classic curtains usually involve light tulle and a heavy draping. They tend to be a similar color to their surroundings and look as though they are merged with the window. They act to frame the window and look as though all the pieces are made as one.


This style is probably the most common in houses everywhere. They are usually made in bright colors and have bold print patterns. Care must be taken when choosing these that they will fit with the rest of the room; it is very easy for them to clash with the existing decor.

English style

These are fixed at the top and the sides and are usually made of a thick, heavy fabric. They may be displayed in opposing colors or with a ruffle effect coming down the wall. The mixture should make the room feel cheerful and bright.

French Style

French-inspired curtains would not look out of place in the home of a King or Queen. They are made from heavy, high quality fabric with a series of ruffles coming down the window line. They tend to be paler colors and need to be complemented with traditional French furniture.

Austrian style

Austrian-styled curtains are a very graceful style which is designed to let a fair amount of light through, even when closed. They are a comfortable curtain and ensure any living room will feel warm and bright.


The Japanese use partitions, panels and screens to shield their windows. They always look neat and clean and are blended into the room to create simply lines. This means that they can be purchased in a wide range of colors and will fit almost any room.

Give your room a complete makeover and invest in new curtains. There are a wealth of styles available – classic, modern, Austrian, Japanese, French, etc. – at different price ranges. Choose your preferred material and pattern, and have your curtains customized to match your décor perfectly. Whatever you do, just make sure to use your imagination to help transform your home into a natural oasis.

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