Le Galilée from Blagnac, France

Le Galilée represents a unique architectural view of the parisian architects Studio Bellecour which is part of the  ZAC Andromede de Blagnac’s urban development plan, near Toulouse.

This contemporary office building strikes your attention because of its high international design standards. The structure combines aeronautics aesthetics and sustainable technologies in a futuristic design.

This fantastic project has 10.500 m2 and i consists of two buildings which are connected by an elegant concrete structure that gives the aerodynamic appearance. Shaped like a propeller, it’s function is to ensure continuity of the whole building and also to give to visitors the opportunity to discover the natural landscape where the complex is created.

Le Galilée has  also some sustainable features starting from those horizontal aluminum grills covering the two volumes of office whose brown tones imitate the wood to the smart water supply system, energy and waste management and its location near the public transport networks. All of these have been exploited to the maximum so that could make the most of natural and artificial resources.



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