Learn How to Make Room and Dining Room Designs

It is often difficult to integrate the living and dining room into one environment. But with ideas that I will show next, you will have a greater chance of making designs and decorations that are suitable, so that you will have a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

1. Consider your needs

You must first make a list of the needs that you will carry out in this shared environment, such as watching television, listening to music, talking to friends, eating with family, meetings, important parties, etc.

2. Choose the furniture needed

Then you have to make a list of other furniture that you will use to meet the needs that you have noted before, for example: television, sound system, videogame consoles, etc. If it is a very large space, divide it so that the furniture and other accessories are strategically located and you have free space to move without problems.

3. Be careful with available space

Do not think that all large accessories must be facing away from the wall, and you should not block windows and doors, it must be easily opened or closed. Make sure the seats are close enough so that you can communicate more easily and smoothly.

4. Place important furniture

If you have the furniture you have, don’t worry about where to place it, you can throw it away if you think it’s necessary. You can apply pulley pendant lights to make the atmosphere of the room more beautiful.

5. Choose a striking image

If you have a fireplace in your living room, you can place beautiful and striking images on it, so you can complete the space with a pair of flower vases.

6. Use the best work

Use the best work at the point where the most attention will be focused on the people who come to visit you, so they will get a good impression as they move around your room.

7. Don’t forget the wood

It is very important for you to continue to look for other accessories gradually from the center of attention. Believe it or not, wood gives a touch of warmth to space.

8. Buy a suitable table and chair

As for the dining room, these rooms are specially equipped for food intake. You must have a table and chairs that are suitable for this purpose.

9. Decorate the room correctly

In general in today’s rooms we find located a living and dining room in the same neighborhood. It is recommended that we decorate it in the right way.

More tips:

– Choose the right color. To choose the right color, it is very important that we consider the dimensions of space to be decorated. For example; rooms that lack space must be decorated in clear colors.

– Choose beautiful curtains. For small rooms it is recommended to use light colored curtains, because they allow natural light to enter. In addition, this helps to expand space visually.


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