Lighting Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a New Look

A modern, aesthetically pleasing, chic kitchen is every house owner’s pride. But kitchens are not merely about looks; they require providing several services too.

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In fact, kitchens are often the most utilized spaces in homes. Right from meal preparation to hosting dinners, and sometimes even your children’s homework, your kitchen handles a host of activities.  

So having a single light covering your entire kitchen may not be the best idea. With the right balance of kitchen lighting, get your tasks accomplished easily and enjoy a superb modern look. So without much ado, go through this guide for the perfect lighting idea of your kitchen space.

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Understand the Types of Lights

Before you undertake the task of lighting your kitchen or any other space, you must first understand the basics of lighting. There are three major sub-categories in which you can classify the lighting options- they are ambient, task and accent.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lights are going to be the primary source of light in your kitchen. So before you choose the others, it is vital to pick out the ambient lighting. Your ambient lighting must be such that it complements the natural lighting already present in the space or make up for its absence. It is also important to ensure that the ambient lighting is even throughout the room.

Chandeliers, flush mounts and recessed lighting are the common types of ambient lights used in the kitchen area.

Task Lighting

The next important lighting type is the task lights. As the name suggests, these lights are installed in the task areas. While ambient lighting gives a particular tone to the entire room, task lights concentrate on the focal points. You can add task lights above tables, work surfaces and shelves. With the light focused on one area, it will become easier for you to accomplish tasks, spot ingredients and the like.

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You can try out strip lights or puck lights as the task lighting for your kitchen.

Accent Lighting

A great way to draw attention to the well-designed aspects of your kitchen is through the lighting. Accent lighting creates exactly that effect. Accent lights accentuate stylish elements such as your crockery display, paintings and the like. You can also use the accent lighting along with the task and ambient glow to create a play between light and shadow.

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 Draw a Plan

Now that you are acquainted with the different lighting types, it is time that you draw a plan for your kitchen. Making a plan in advance helps you make the best decision and also saves your money. When you work without a plan, it is likely that you may not be satisfied with the lighting after it is done. The results are costly replacements and ugly blotches on your wall from removed fixtures that will require retouching.

While you want your kitchen to be well-lit, you would definitely do not want things to look overdone. As a thumb rule, maintain some space between the lightings. You can also experiment with the lights’ placement, such as under the cabinet and the like.

Try out these lighting ideas today and give your kitchen a whole new look right away!


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