LILYPAD, A FLOATING ECOPOLIS FOR CLIMATE REFUGEES | futuristic architectural concept

The Lylipad by Vincent Callebaut is one on great futuristic concept for future architecture design, is a concept designed for a completely prototype of auto-sufficient amphibious city for future climate change.

Vincent Callebaut in the website tell-us about this concept :
It is a true amphibian half aquatic and half terrestrial city, able to accommodate 50,000 inhabitants and inviting the biodiversity to develop its fauna and flora around a central lagoon of soft water collecting and purifying the rain waters. This artificial lagoon is entirely immersed ballasting thus the city. It enables to live in the heart of the subaquatic depths. The multifunctional programming is based on three marinas and three mountains dedicated respectively to the work, the shops and the entertainments. The whole set is covered by a stratum of planted housing in suspended gardens and crossed by a network of streets and alleyways with organic outline. The goal is to create a harmonious coexistence of the couple Human / Nature and to explore new modes of living the sea by building with

fluidity collective spaces in proximity, overwhelming spaces of social inclusion suitable to the meeting of all the inhabitants  denizen or foreign-born, recent or old, young or aged people.


source images:pixelab



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