Limitless Designs with the Latest Modular Furniture Concept from Tetran

We invite you to discover a new type of modular furniture with which you can create and recreate never-before-seen seating designs that never loses interest and excitement. TETRAN Infinite Living Systems took the modular furniture concept to a completely new level and their latest promotional video showcases their cool, revolutionary modular system that offers mindblowing design solutions for any space. Only imagination is the limit when it comes to use Tetran’s modular modern designs inspired by Legos and Transformers.


Intelligent and also good looking, the modules allow you to build, rebuild and modify them, making any combination possible with a simple locking mechanism according to your needs and desires. The cubes are creates very easily from MDF sides, which come pre-drilled and could be assembled with only one size screw, and then lock together with a simple nut and bolt and a hex key to form whatever shape you want. Stronger and durable than hardwood, MDF parts are made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, making this innovative furniture system to be also highly environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, they have modules with pre-formed five inch cushions with a three inch memory foam layer for designing extremely comfortable seating areas. Not to mention that the possible finishes range from wood and metal to leather or hard plastic looking like glass, which will be available in any color, shade, tone or tint you can think of, allowing you to fit them into virtually any décor. In this way, you can build custom interior designs with amazing sofas, creative chairs and luxurious lounges that maximize your productivity and make the greatest use of any size space whether it’s about tight bedrooms and offices or large living rooms. Have a look!








 Photos © TETRAN Infinite Living Systems


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