Living Room Hacks to Make Your House More Roomy

The Tiny House movement is gaining interest says Restoring Simple, “not just for the novelty,” but for a simpler lifestyle, lower costs and a reduced impact to the environment. The site notes that 19% of people would seriously consider a tiny house, but of course, some people are living in one not because it was their top choice, but their only option.

While you could hire an expert in interior design in Houston, San Diego, Boston or just about any other city to help, you can also use these living room hacks to help make your house feel roomier than it is in the meantime.


The more clutter you have lying around, the smaller the space will look and feel. If you aren’t using it, toss it or donate it. Clear off as many surfaces as you can.

Use Multipurpose Ottomans and Tables

By using pieces that serve multiple purposes, you can save precious space, like an ottoman that can be used as extra seating, a footrest, coffee table or even storage. Compact coffee tables can work double time too.

Built-In Furniture

The more built-in type of furniture you can use, the better as they’ll all help save you space. If you can’t find just the right piece, you may want to consider springing for a customized solution or if you’re creative, DIY options.

Hang a Large Mirror

A large mirror can help create the illusion of more space as it draws the eye up and bounces light around the room, making it look brighter and larger. It tends to cut down a that claustrophobic feeling by not allowing the walls to seem too imposing.

Bring Furniture Out from the Wall

You might think that placing furniture against the walls will make the space look bigger, but it’s actually the opposite: bring it outward, further from the way to make the room feel larger.

Keep Colors Light and Match Drapes, Curtains or Blinds to the Walls

Choose light, airy colors for your room to encourage a feeling of openness and keep all your decor close to the same monochromatic shades for a similar effect. Whenever adding drapes, curtains or blinds, be sure that they’re the same color as your walls to make the space appear larger than it is. Sheer drapes can serve the same purpose.

Ditch the Old Rule About Small Furniture

The old rule that small furniture should go in a small room needs to be ditched. Instead, choose a few pieces of larger furniture to make the space look bigger.


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