Living Room Set vs Individual Pieces: Which Is Better?

When you’re buying furniture for your living room, you have two options. You can either buy a living room set that comes with several pieces included or you can buy each piece individually. The question is, how do you decide which way to do it? Here’s a comparison of the two different selection methods.

How Hard Is It to Choose?

Choosing a living room set that’s already matched or coordinated is very easy. Once you find the style you want, your choices within that set are limited enough that you can very quickly tick off the boxes to get the complete grouping you want. But if you buy individual pieces, you have to spend more time hunting down the individual pieces that will work together in your room.

Do the Pieces Work Together?

Buying a set, you can be sure that the pieces are designed to work together well. Their colors coordinate well together or the set is all done in one finish. If the designs are not exactly matched, they’re chosen to complement each other. Buying individually, you have to be sure the final grouping will enhance your home décor rather than look like a chaotic mess. You can do that, but it requires some effort and decorating know-how.

Is There a Cost Savings?

If your main goal is to get affordable furniture, a set may be the right choice for you. Often, a living room set is less expensive than the same items purchased individually. There may be special coupons or discounts for sets that aren’t available for individual pieces.

Is There Room for Creativity?

You’re completely free to create a living room set that’s uniquely yours when you purchase each piece separately. You can put any piece with any other piece to suit your own personal style. Here’s the thing, though. You also have a lot of leeways when you choose a set. You can still choose options within the set, and arrange it in your room however you like. What’s more, you can personalize it with your choice of accessories.

What’s Delivery Like?

You might wonder if there is any difference between getting a set delivered and getting individual pieces delivered. The truth is that there might be, especially if the separate pieces come from different manufacturers. Typically, furniture stores have sets that are ready to ship all at one time. The good news is that even if you order your pieces individually, you should get notifications on when to expect them. Your furniture delivery team should coordinate with you to get all the pieces to you at a time that’s convenient for you.

So, there are pluses and minuses to buying living room furniture items in a set or separately. Of course, the choice is always yours to make. Whether you put the set together or a designer does, you can enjoy the furniture for many years. All you need to do is buy high-quality furniture that suits who you are and what you want out of life.


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