Loft Bed With Desk by Espace Loggia

Loft bed with desk is the ultimate solution when it comes to accommodate more in lesser space in bedrooms. They are a great space-saving solution and when they come in beautiful and appealing designs is even better. French furniture specialist Espace Loggia‘s concept has a revolutionary and modern approach which takes full advantage of the volume and square footage of limited spaces, improving life quality in small houses or flats.

Smart and pragmatic, their loft beds designs for kids and teenagers are the perfect set up for small rooms. Each loft bed with desk is high-quality, unique and customized according to client’s wishes and needs. With their modular and complementary accessories like closets, stairs, shelves, sofa, wardrobe, you can create your kids and teenagers a space for their own personality, ideal for comfortable sleeping and playing/studying. Espace Loggia provides you 20 colors of choice in 3 sidelines of natural woods to fit any taste and room design.

Kids loft bed with desk




Teenagers loft beds with desk




Photos:  © Espace Loggia.



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