Lolita Infrastructure for events and meals Zaragoza

Located on highway A-2, a strategic area at the intersection of trade routes Madrid-Barcelona-Bilbao and Valencia, the restaurant Lolita is a few miles from several towns and one campus. The project addresses several categories of people from students to corporations that rent it all for events. “The project took on the challenge to change this trend and think about building a structure to administer a constant reorganization in the presence of a heterogeneous and diverse expectations of use. Lolita Infrastructure for events and meals  Zaragoza is a flexible space can be a space of almost any type of activity. That is, convert a roadside restaurant in a versatile infrastructure for events and meals “ said the authors. Materials used for interior  were concrete half- perforated, wood, glass and polycarbonate plates on the walls. The opaque outward appearance of its type of space is enhanced by “connecting” to the proximity system.

Project: Maria Langarita and Victor Navarro, 2008-2009Collaborators: Marta Colon, Cristina Garzon, Roberto Gonzalez, Juan Palencia, Giulia UrcioliLocation: La Almunia de Doña Godina, Zaragoza

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Photo: Miguel de Guzman


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