Looking to Spruce up Your Home? Here Are 6 YouTube Channels to Guide you.

Gone are the days when homeowners and DIY artists derived inspiration for their home decor ideas from Pinterest and Tumblr.  

These image-sharing platforms that consisted of beautiful and breathtaking home decor shots have now been replaced by YouTube channels wherein viewers are able to see designers in action alongside the entire process involved in decoration.  

With tools such as a handy and simple YouTube video editor, home decor videos are all the rage these days. As an interior designer or a DIY enthusiast, you could even use VideoCreek as a platform where you could create, curate, and edit videos to put it up on YouTube.  

As such, whether you’re a DIY artist, an amateur Interior designer, or a homeowner who’s simply looking for a change of scenery,  here’s a list of some amazing and creative YouTube channels that you should definitely check out.   

Mr. Kate 

This YouTube channel is ideal for homeowners who are left with awkward spaces and strange layouts within their homes. Being able to utilize dark shades and hues in small and enclosed spaces is something these YouTubers are especially good at.  

The channel is presided over by Kate, who is a self-taught interior designer. Her husband, who does the heavy lifting, brings her ideas to life. 

Kate and her husband are the professionals that homeowners, office owners, and so on go to when they’re looking to beautify a weirdly shaped room or office space. The YouTube couple then documents the entire transformation.  

This is one YouTube channel that DIY artists and even amateur decorators are sure to binge on.   

Lone Fox 

This YouTube channel is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and amateurs. You don’t need an array of power tools to duplicate the creations on this channel.  

Drew (the YouTuber who owns the channel) is adept at holiday-themed decorations, extreme makeovers, and ones that involve a minimal retouch as well.  

He also has several videos where he takes viewers through simple hacks (including IKEA hacks) that could literally transform a space or a piece of decor into something phenomenal. Be it art decor, thrift shop decor, or transformations of bedrooms and bathrooms, Drew does it all.  

Lone Fox is a great place for people who’re just starting out and are looking for unique ideas on how they can spruce up their home or workspace.   

The Sorry Girls 

This channel is ideal for seasoned DIY artists and home decor aficionados as it involves the use of a lot of power tools. Alternatively, many of their DIY videos feature tools that could be replicated with just a pair of scissors and glue for first-timers.  

The YouTubers who maintain this channel are Kelsey and Becky. The channel mostly features DIY and organization hacks, makeovers, room decor, thrifting, and upcycling ideas.  

The duo mainly reworks and re-transforms their own living and workspaces, constantly looking for new and creative ways to remodel and redesign their interiors. Their videos also have a lot to do with beautiful woodwork.  

A couple of their creative series hinges on replicating designer items on a budget and working on items purchased from one-dollar stores. As such, if you’re planning to take inspiration from these series of videos, you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.   

Studio McGee 

Studio McGee is a design studio managed by husband and wife duo, Syd and Shea McGee. The channel boasts of videos featuring home makeovers, interior finishes, kitchen, and room remodeling, and sprucing up outdoor spaces.  

The studio is the combined effort of Syd’s business acumen and Shea’s creative vision. As such, their clientele is vast and varied. The couple puts up beautiful videos of home and office tours which throw light on their very uber, sleek, and contemporary style of decorating spaces.  

Moreover, If you’re looking for simple tips and tricks on how to remodel and rework on regular household items such as beds, shelves, and ledges that require little effort and planning, this channel is the place to go.   

House and Home 

Unlike the YouTube channels mentioned above, House and Home is a brand that is known for interior design. The company also has its very own magazine based in Canada. The videos are replete with Canadian influence that renders them very uber-modern, smooth, and savvy in terms of its look, feel, ambiance, and design.  

The channel features several home tours, each one bringing its own uniqueness to the video as per the design influence of the designer in-charge. The brand also has its own series of maker over clips, renovation tips, themed makeovers, and big reveals.   

XO, MaCenna 

If you’re fascinated with the idea of thrifting, this channel is the place for you. MaCenna takes you through all kinds of thrift and DIY shopping in her videos.  

From showing you how to shop for ceramics, wood decor, and discovering items that originally cost a fortune in thrift stores to telling you how to beautify your kitchen, patio, and rooms with DIY items and furniture, MaCenna does it all.  

On her channel, MaCenna treats her viewers on how to make DIY ornaments (holiday and themed ones), DIY Ikea hacks, 1 dollar hauls, flea market shopping for homes, and accessory items in your homes like desks, curtains, and so forth.   

She also puts up extreme makeover videos for different home and office spaces like the ones for breakfast nooks, entryways, bookcases, closets, makeovers on a budget, bathroom, living, and bedroom do-overs. Her channel features modern, mid-century, bohemian, and classic home decor as well.   

Wrapping Up 

As a homeowner, DIY enthusiast, or even as someone who’s looking to increase their knowledge of home decor fashion, YouTube Channels are a great place to start your journey.  

That is because these channels not only provide you with the head start you need with all their creative inputs and the actual visualization of everything they have planned, you will get a complete idea of what to expect before jumping into a project. When it comes to editing, have a peek here.


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